Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A sweet little hat

I work in a nursing home, and there's a little lady there who loves to wear hats. I love to make hats, so I think we're a good pair. Whenever I have a little hat I've made that I don't what to do with, I take it in to V. She wears them, and enjoys them. I've been wanting to make her something frilly and feminine, and I think I've found just the ticket. Do you like this? I think it's sweet.

I was inspired by this picture from Night And Day Crochet on facebook yesterday. I "like" a lot of crochet pages on facebook, get a lot of fun ideas there. She posted this picture....

with this link to the pattern. I made one up last night, and liked it so much, I went ahead and made another! Ha. I changed it up a bit. I didn't think the post stitches made a real dainty hat, so I went with a simple single crochet in the back loop band, though I used the same scalloped edge. On the little yellow hat, the scallops were spaced a little differently, and the hat came out a little tighter, so it would fit a smaller head. I also didn't add the flower. I thought it was cute without the flower. I might add the flower on another hat, I might not, who knows. These are so cute, though, I like them. I think I'll make more.


Designing Lady Jane said...

Those are adorable, and the colors are so bright and fun. How sweet of you to bless Ms. V. regularly.

Sheila said...

I love your hats and I bet V will love them too. I think they look just as good without the flower as they do with the flower. Thanks for sharing. Take care.