Monday, May 30, 2011

Big beret

Well, here is another try at the red beret for Jennie. I don't know, this one seems a little too big. I know, these heads are little heads, but this thing is just as big on my head. I do like the pattern, I'm just thinking one less repeat of the pattern before the decrease starts. I like the band, it's nicer than a lot I've seen. I think I'll try it again, just a little smaller. I'm thinking I might need one of these for the winter, maybe in that sparkly ILTY pink.... The back/top is cute, too. That bunching is not a mistake, it's part of the design. Again, this pattern comes from the booklet 'In All Caps' by The Crochet Dude. There are several other cute little hats in there as well.

........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnndddd......... I was at Walmart the other day, they had a cart sitting there with a big box of brand-new yarn they had not even set on the counter yet. Now folks, what they want you to do here, is to dig through those boxes, throw things around, and see if there's anything in there that you want. See, it saves them the trouble of putting it on the shelves. Did you know that? Bwahahaha! I know, I'm their favorite kind of customer! But the nice lady told me it was no problem (I told you, they want you to do that!) and said sure, take it. So I took that whole bag of this cute yarn. See, it's all red, white and blue! I've got a thing for red, white and blue, don'tchaknow. I took it all. You like it? Now I just gotta figure out what to do with it........

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Floating Shelves

Look at this 'Floating Shelf'. Ha. Not so 'floating' anymore, is it. I thought the whole look of a floating shelf under that round mirror would be so nice, all 'merchandised' and everything. And to be true, it did look nice under the mirror. Trouble was, getting it to stay under the mirror. That's a wall we walk by a lot, and the slightest brush of a shoulder knocked it down. It was getting really beat up. In fact, there is now a small hole in the shelf, which is the reason that little crocheted hot pad is there. to hide that.

I tell you, I see people put up floating shelves on HGTV all the time, and at this point, I think they're nuts. The way these things go up, they're never really solid, even on a more solid wall than apartment drywall. But whatever, I guess they're not getting bumped by my teenage boys all the time.............

..........anyway, I stuck some brackets under the shelf, and now it looks better than I thought it would. I thought I would have to live with something that was not really what I wanted, but that I need. In fact, I think it looks good, and now I just need to grab a few more things, and put more thought into the merchandising.

The Granny Stripe Blanket is coming right along. Just need to add the last row of the blue and the border, which I have now chosen. It should be done this week, hopefully. Particularly since I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, and plan to spend it crocheting..........

If I could find a mouse pad, all would be right in my world. Seems those things are harder to find now, used to see them all the time..............

Have a great day, y'all.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I gotta say, I was totally bowled over by the season finale of The Mentalist. As Patrick was with Red John, I was thinking "Don't do it. I know, you have to. But don't. Just don't. He ain't worth it. But I understand." Then he did, and I was floored. Of course, him going back to finish his tea, and paying for it......... outstanding.

Simon Baker seriously deserves an Emmy for this show. The way he captures the emotion, I just wanna hug him.

The only problem I have with the ending is that this really seemed like a great way to end the series. And I so don't want them to end the series. Because I love this show. Does anybody know it it's on the schedule for next fall? Because what are they gonna do, have him in prison? And the whole Grigsby/Van Pelt thing, too...... yeesh.

Wow. Seriously. Wow

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I wish I had more time....

Ah, I can't take a picture that looks good, and today I am done with trying. All the same, isn't this square pretty? I set it on top of one of my pillows, so it wouldn't blend into the swing fabric. It ends at the end of the paprika color. It's in the latest issue of Crochet magazine. It's done in, I think, a pink and a blue in the magazine, but I did it in my paprika. It's a Hot Mat, for putting your bowls and plates on, to protect your table. I think it'd make a pretty pillow, though, or something like that. I don't even have it all shaped out pretty yet, either.

I wish I had more time to crochet. I see y'all with all your wonderful projects every day.... heck, sometimes it seems all I do is sleep and work. Ah well, bless God I got a job, that's what I say. LMHO

Y'all have a wonderful day.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Pillows

Ack, I can't take a good picture. And although I do want a new camera, I don't think the camera has anything to do with my failure as a photographer. Maybe I should wait for evening light, or find a good backdrop, or heck, wait a few more days for the pillows to take a prettier shape. Who knows. I'm anxious to share, though, because I am loving these pillows so much. These are made with Red Heart SS in Aran, and I picture them made in so many other colors, so many other yarns. I will say that although the pattern calls for a G hook, they didn't work out right with that, so I have switched to an I hook, and that, to me, made all the difference.

I have a few more to make for the first time, but I hope to eventually have a pile of these made. The pictures really do not do them justice. I see golds, reds, browns, creams, greens, blues, yellows........ warm colors, cool colors............ all of them. These make up quickly, too. Letting them sit for a bit is the most time-consuming part of making them, but heck, while they sit, I just make more up.

On another note, where are the two posts I have already posted this month. Dang it......... Maybe I'll wait, see if they show back up? They disappeared after blogger was down for a couple of days. I hate it when this happens............ yeesh.

Y'all have a glorious day!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nasty storm out........ I couldn't take pictures of my pretty pillows and share them with y'all. The weather is too overcast, and the pillows are kinda white (they're made of Red Heart SS in Aran) so I couldn't get a shot that shows them off nicely. And they really did turn out very nicely, I'm kinda proud of them, so I want to show them at their best, you know. ............. So today, you just get this lil potholder. It's kinda cute, I don't think I did a good job with it, but it gives me some ideas for some other lil potholders I'd like to make.... these are made with Sugar and Cream naturals - that nice Chocolate Toast (really, it's called Terra Firma, but I think Chocolate Toast is more apt) and the white is called Sonoma Print. I think it's pretty, too. I think a nice spa set would be really cool in that Sonoma Print, I may have to make that...............

Anyway, we really needed the rain, and at that, I'm not sure we got enough, but the storm was kinda wicked. Not that we got the righteous part, that was mostly Austin proper....... ah well.

Y'all have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making my niece a beret.....

This is the beret I made for my niece, but I don't know that I'm really all that happy with it, so I started.......

.......this one instead. Nice and sparkly, better yarn, and who doesn't like The Crochet Dude, right?

Whatcha think, Miss Fabulous?

....aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, as part of the WIP Wednesday thing, ('cuz I haven't done that in forever, don'tchaknow...) I am gonna show y'all this little pillow. I have been working on those pillows in that book I bought, and have a couple sitting settling into their shape. I'll post them in a couple of days, but for now, I have the Snowflake Pillow kinda barely started. Looks like it's gonna be pretty when it's done.

Y'all join Marie Anne and the WIP Wednesday fun!