Monday, February 28, 2011

Giveaway Goodies

Yay! I've gotten three more followers, so I'm adding three skeins of yarn to the giveaway. There's a pretty red from Red Heart Fiesta. This yarn seems softer than that Red Heart yarn you get at your local Walmart, and the color is cool. I like it. Then there's a red and blue kind of ombre color from Peaches and Cream. It's cotton yarn, the color is called York Town. I love Vanna's Glamour yarn, so I've added a little skein of copper.

To enter, just comment on yesterday's post. (not this one) I'm trying to get fifty followers, so spread the word. Let me know you've mentioned this giveaway in your blog and I'll add another two entries, so you'll have three.

Happy hooking, y'all.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Giveaway

Man, I go to all these sites I follow, and they have so many followers, and I want more followers! LOL I want more followers! So for now my goal is 50 followers, and I'm gonna have a giveaway in an attempt to hit that number. I am starting with this month's issue of Crochet Today. I bought this, then I signed up for a subscription and they sent me this issue as my first issue, so now I have an extra one. What better to do with it than pass it on, right? So I'll pass it on. Also, I now have 42 followers, so for every new follower I get , up to 50, I'm gonna add a goodie, like a hook, or a skein of yarn, or some other gadget, so there will be what, nine little goodies, right? I haven't actually decided what I'm gonna throw in here, but I'll post what they will be as I figure it out, okay?
I think I'll keep this open until say Friday, or until I get 50 followers, whichever comes later. Then I'll draw a winner.
So to enter, just comment on this post, right here ('cuz we all love comments, too, don't we?) To enter, you have to either already follow me, or start following me. Let me know you posted about my giveaway, (you know, letting others know to follow me...) and I'll enter you two more times, for a total of three entries in the drawing. You don't have to make the post all about me or anything, just a quick mention will be plenty.
Okay, that's it. I'm off to shop now for more goodies to add!
Happy hooking, y'all!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Oh my gosh, wouldja lookit that! Is she too cute or what! It's Oprah, designed by Allison Hoffman. Isn't that just crazy-cute? I'm loving it, I tell you. I'm not gonna make it, I have no patience for amigurumi, but I wish somebody would make one for me. Ha! You can get this pattern for free over at the Lion Brand site. You have to register to get all these free patterns, but registration is free, and totally worth it. I tell you, I can spend hours there, downloading way too many patterns, most of which I will not make, though I tell myself I will. Ha ha. Y'all check that place out!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a bargain!

So I pass what I thought was a Go Cart course every day on my way home from work. I keep saying to the boys when we're out driving and pass it. "Yall, we should do that sometime." and they agree. Well, one of my goals for this year is to do something, any kind of something, once a month to create good pictures of my family. I decided that this month, we would do Go Carts. Look at Jon. That's a great picture, isn't it. I think so too.

Well, much to my surprise, when we got to the Golf Cart course, it was called Austin's Park and Pizza... Experience or something like that. Definitely Austin's Park and Pizza. Wow! It costs a mere $20 per person for the most expensive package. There were other packages available, but $20 a head gets you pretty much all the fun you can have in a day, including food and eats.

There's a very full arcade (games that give tickets are the only thing besides the batting cages that are not included in the price, but games that do not give tickets are included.) along with the Go Carts, bumper boats, rock climbing walls (two of them), mini golf, laser tag and paint ball. There are others things I've forgotten, too, I think.

David and I went on the teacups. He cried a little now and then, but had a good day all in all.

I didn't take any pictures of us eating, but there is also a full pizza buffet, including salad, pasta, dessert and drinks. And it's all day, so you can eat and play and eat and play. The drinks are fountain drinks, so you can grab a glass and carry it around the park. There are tables scattered all over, and benches, so you can rest when you need to.
I'm telling you, if you ever visit Austin, plan a day for this. It's a serious bargain, and truly a lot of fun. We will be back! What a nice day this was.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cute little pillow cover

So I finished this pretty little cream-colored pillow cover. It's a three double crochet wrap stitch. I love that stitch. Now I just need to make a pillow in the right size, to put it on. I love this color, it's ILTY in cream, so soft and pretty. The other one is a smaller version I did for my son in teal, that I have to make a pillow for as well, because they are oddly sized. It's okay, I sew fairly well.

I find that one big challenge when it comes to crochet is how to take a good picture of the finished product. I think I need a new camera. This one I have just doesn't cut it. The light is funky, and the flash is a pain. Yeesh, though, shopping for cameras is a pain, because I get so overwhelmed. Heck, it that way with anything electronic. I have to take my son along when I shop, he knows what to pick. Other than that, just getting a good angle, and good lighting.... I'll figure it all out eventually, I guess. I'm sure one trick is in knowing what time of day to take the picture.....

Y'all have a great day. I'm off to work in a bit.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Victoria Scarf

Look, look. Isn't this pretty? Well, you know, pretty in a gorgeous kind of way. It's the Victoria Scarf, designed by Robin Chachula, and it's in the latest edition of Inside Crochet. I can't wait 'til I can find that magazine over here on this side of the pond, I am gonna snap it up and make this scarf. It is beautimous.

I love Robin Chachula's designs, they're so lacy and beautiful. I wish I could design things to look like this, but I'll just make Robin's stuff. So nice, seriously. I am trying to figure out what color I want my scarf in. I love it.

Friday, February 4, 2011


In Texas? Really? Now this is just wrong, y'all!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just getting prepared.....

Right now I am making something 'valentine'-y............

....... And something for St. Pat. Ack, the picture does not do this yarn justice. The green is really just soooooo sparkly, that it jumps right out at you. The yarn looks more black in this picture, and in real life, not so much. But you get the idea.

Worry not. I am also working on those UFO's. LOL Seriously. I think I have crochet ADD. Seriously.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh, wouldja look at that....

Isn't this adorable? I want to make this. I just saw this picture on-line, here, in a preview for the March/April 2001 issue of Crochet Today. Man, I need to subscribe to that. I'll be out hunting for it now. Hope it hits newsstands soon, you know, so it doesn't make me crazy or anything.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The End(s)

Ack! I'm tangled up in ends! All these ends to weave in......... it's flat tedious...... this is the hold-up on the Granny Stripe Blanket.

Now, why in the world didn't I weave these ends in as I went. Lucy said to. But I didn't. I gotta tell you, ends is the one thing about crocheting that I do not like. Most ends I just crochet in, but it doesn't work with grannies, now does it? So now, before I do the edge of this blanket, I must get all these ends woven in. Yeesh.

I love this blanket, and can't wait 'til it's done. I love the colors. I love the weight of the blanket.

I am making this blanket with I Love This Yarn, worsted weight yarn, using a G hook, so the blanket is coming out very thick, and heavy, and warm. On a cold evening, it will be just the ticket for cuddling up in.

And the colors. The colors. The colors are gorgeous. Like I say, I can't wait to finish it.
But first.............. I have to finish weaving in those ends. Ah well, best get to it.
Happy hooking, y'all!


Well, I decided to try to make a hat. The Interweave Crochet Accessories magazine/book has several nice hat patterns in it, but for the first one, I just went to this book here, and there's a pattern for a basic hat in it.

Well, as you can see, the pattern works. The hat is fine. There are changes I will make in future, but it's not a bad start. Next time, I will work more on shaping the top more slowly, giving it more curve. Maybe I'll try one of those patterns, they are adorable.

Several people have asked me to make them hats, and I'm working on it. Hats are great, they work up in a few hours. That's satisfying. My David loves hats, and he is very happy with this one. I think I can make a lot of hats, and it will be a while before he quits wanting to claim them.

I have a weakness for crochet books as well, particularly books like the one here, that have general knowledge, general tips and techniques, and present that info in a way that you can work it into all your projects. I like to 'wing it' on a lot of projects, make things from my own mind, and this kind of book helps me do that.

Y'all have a great day. Happy hooking.