Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lookie what I got.

This is the most gorgeous book. It is full of beautiful crocheted blocks, in different color schemes, and then it also has pictures of afghans made with the blocks, or combinations of blocks, or different color combinations. It is written by Jan Eaton. One or two of her other books are on my 'gotta have' list. She writes great books, I think. In the back are several edging patterns, although they are mostly edges that you crochet and then stitch onto the afghan, which I'm not crazy about, but I'll probably use those as well. It's a gorgeous book, with lots of inspiration.
I tell you, I stand at that book aisle at Barnes and Noble, and it is so hard to decide which one I want today. Right now, there are several that I want, and you know, you can't get them all at once. Besides the obvious cost factor, really, you want to enjoy each book as you get it. I know I'll refer back to them later many times, but for the first while, I just like to look at them over and over. I'll make one or two things, then put them on a shelf, then come back to them later when I want ispiration. But I want a time at first, to just look and enjoy.
Ack, you can't really 'click to enjoy' that image. I swiped it off of Amazon to show, because I can never take good pictures.
Anyway, y'all have a great evening...... I'm off to work after a few more minutes of looking at this book.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slipper Socks

So I have finished these Slipper Socks, by Christina McMahon. They are from Crochet World, October, 2010, which is the current issue. I love the yarn I made them with, of course it's "I Love This Yarn" by Hobby Lobby in Sunrise. I think the colors are beautiful, and it does make me think of a beautiful sunrise, with the blue, yellow, pink and purple. I have yet to find a yarn I like more than I Love This Yarn, it's great. On a side note, I'm bummed, because the clerk at Hobby Lobby told me this yarn will probably never go on sale, and it's $3.29-$3.39 a skein. I think that's wrong, and I plan to send Hobby Lobby an e-mail, next 'round to it' I get. I mean, it's not expensive, but it's not the cheapest brand out there, and if you're making a blanket or something else that takes a lot of yarn, I can see going with something cheaper, if you've got to get 10 or 15 skeins for the project. That said, I Love This Yarn. LOL

I like these slipper socks, and so does my son, Jon. In fact, he asked me to make him a pair. Funny, I really thought it was a lady's slipper, but when I look again, maybe not. Anyway, if he wants a pair, he will get a pair. I do think next time I make them, I will tweak them a bit. While they are soft and cuddly, (that's why I Love This Yarn.... LOL) and the cuff is nice, as is the foot part, the heel is kind of big and bulky, and it puffs quite a bit. The slippers looks noticeably better on than off, I think, although it puffs on my foot, too. Also, I think the decreases are a bit hurried, and could be done in a slower manner, to make the curve more graceful. I think the heel could be made more rounded than square, like it is in the pattern. So I think I'll mess with it a bit, see if I can make it a little more to my liking.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One more washcloth..........

Well, here we go. LOL This is the Sedge Stitch Washcloth. It's nice. I like the texture of it. It's an easy stitch to do. It's from that post a few days ago, from Lion Brand's site. It's part of the bath set. I think I'll be making several of these, for those Christmas gifts. I think David will like a few of these too, just for carrying around, to feel in his hands. Believe it or not, I think I will find several uses for this. LOL

Now this puff, on the other hand........ I don't think it comes out so nice in the Sugar and Creme yarn. It came out really pretty in I Love This Cotton, but that yarn was not so nice to try to wash your face with....... so I keep hunting for the right yarn for this. This puff is from the August issue of Crochet World, it's part of the Spa Set. The magazine said it's made from Red Heart Eco-Cotton. I'll see if I can find any of that, see how much it costs.

I tried to start on a pair of socks last night, but got confused by the Foundation Single Crochet. I don't like the way it came out in the directions I was using, so I wonder if there might be a misprint. I'm gonna look for directions for it in one of my other magazines.

I am working this weekend, twelve hour shifts. I oriented at this job yesterday, and will be orienting on the shifts I'll be working now. This should be fun. I truly love nursing, consider it my ministry. I'm just so excited about this job, for so many reasons.

And can I tell you? The new Lion Brand catalog is on-line here. Yeesh, 56 pages of things to look at, with free patterns for the downloading from the Lion Brand site. I'll be busy for a while. LOL I'm like four pages in, and found two patterns I just had to have............ ah ha! Let's see if I come up for air today. LMHO

Oh, and lookie! I've made 50 posts over there, so this is my 51st! How fun!

Y'all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Washcloths

Look at this washcloth. Oh my goodness, can I tell you? The picture does not do it justice, it is the most wonderful washcloth. This is the Grit Stitch Washcloth, done in gold. It is firstly, beautiful. I just love the stitch. It is nice and full in your hand, too, really nubby. David is gonna love this one, if I let him touch it. Ha! I highly recommend this pattern. It's so simple, just skip a stitch, one single crochet, one double crochet in the next stitch. That repeats through the whole thing. It works up quickly, I think I made this in an hour or two, and it's just so cute! This is about a nine inch washcloth, I'm thinking it would be cute as a scarf as well, and would it be warm! I may make one. Or two, you never know. The Sugar and Creme gold yarn is really pretty done up this way as well.

Now here is the back loop stitch washcloth. It's nice. Much simpler, and goodness. This picture was taken on a wooden rocker on my back patio, and the yarn is a much deeper color than it looks in this picture. It's positively pink here, when in real life, it's a dark rose, almost maroon, but not quite. Anyway, while I like this washcloth, it's not as fancy as some of the others. It would be a great beginner project, just rows of half double crochet in the back loop. I would teach someone to crochet with this.

These washcloths are about nine inches square, which is a good size, but let's see what happens in the wash. LOL Next, I am working on the Sedge Stitch Washcloth, it's looking really good, too. I love things that come out with a lot of texture, and it has that.

I think the gold would make a nice gift set. That washcloth up there looks really pretty in it. I might match up some more bath things in a little basket with some more washcloths and a mitt in the gold for a Christmas gift. Wouldn't that be nice?

Oh, y'all......... I just got a phone call. It was a lady, a Director of Nursing at a nursing home close by here, and she offerred me a midnight position. I am in hog heaven, I'm just so happy! This past year and a half or so has pretty much sucked for me, and I think I am on my way out of this awful spell from all this time. I think now that I have the job, and the boys are used to each other, and used to being home together without me, and used to keeping their eyes out for David, I think now that David is used to being watched by his brothers....... well, I think we'll be alright now. We can all get back on our feet, back to where we were........ back to a nice income, a nice home, a nice car............ Yep, I think we'll be okay. Thank you, Jesus.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cathedral Rose Window Afghan

Well, I've blogged about thinking about doing this before, and I have decided that once I finish my Granny Stripes, this is what I am going to make. To that end, I have bought the pattern, and read through it. I think I can handle it. I'm sure it'll take a while, being I hop around on projects, don't concentrate on one thing, but I think I'll get it done. I have ordered the mixed yarn, Red Hearts 'Fall'. I read on a message board that it takes much more than it says it takes in the directions, so I ordered nine skeins. Hopefully that will be enough, it should take two or three weeks to come in, I'm told. If not, I think if I add a skein here and there, with the way this is constructed, if the dye lot is off, it shouldn't be a problem. I like reds and golds more than purples, so I'm going to do this in those colors. Where the black is, I figure I'll do a coffee-colored yarn, where the purple is, a deep claret, and where the teal is, a buff color. I think it'll be cool-looking in those colors. I'm thinking the yarn will probably arrive right about the time I finish my Granny Stripes.

Oh, and I have to laugh at myself. I was wondering, what the heck is a window afghan? Ah ha! It's not a *window afghan* it's a Cathedral Rose Window *afghan*....... based on the pattern of the Cathedral Rose Window in Notre Dame. Silly me..........

Y'all have a great day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WIP - Spa day, anyone?

I am still working on my Granny Stripes Blanket, and loving it. But I also am making washcloths from Peaches and Creme yarn. I like washing with these washcloths, and so does David. Working with the Peaches and Creme is new to me, it doesn't have as much give as most yarns I use, but I don't mind that. I love the finished project. I have lately downloaded a bunch of washcloth patterns, and one I got over at Lion Brand's site is this lovely spa set, isn't it nice? It's actually five patterns, four washcloths and one bath mitt. There's also a knitted throw, but I don't knit, so I didn't download that. I think this little spa set will make a cute little Christmas gift with some nice soaps and powders or something like that, so I'm thinking I'll make up a few of them. Of course, I had better make one for myself first, right, to test? Ha, of course I should.

I started with the Almond Double Crochet Bath Mitt. There are four washcloths to go with it, the Cypress Double Crochet Washcloth, which I also made, it's under the mitt, the Bark Sedge Stitch Washcloth, the Almond Back Loop Stitch Washcloth, and the Vanilla Grit Stitch Washcloth. The bath mitt is very easy to do, and took right at one little $1.47 skein of yarn, so it's cheap, too! The washcloth was just rows of double crochet, so easy, and less than a skein of yarn. Sorry about the quality of the picture, ack, I thought it was better than that. I do think a softer, more neutral color would make this set look nicer, but I like the bright colors for myself.

Of course, you have to register at the site to get the patterns, but the registration and the patterns are free. They have so many patterns there, too, at just about every skill level as well. I love the Lion Brand site.

And, of course, my wonderful Granny Stripe. Oh, I just love this, and look forward to finishing it. I am having to buy more yarn, being this is a blanket, rather than an afghan, but that's okay. It's gorgeous on my bed, and I am making my room be all different colors, just to match this blanket. I love this thing that much. There are now 52 rows of color, or 104 rows of crochet. My best guess is that it is half-finished.

I am linking up with Marie Anne at Every Day Crochet for Work In Progress Wednesday.

Y'all have a great day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Be nice!

Lately, at work, we cashiers are being encouraged to ask our customers if they would like to apply for a store credit card. That's fine, I'll do it. What gets me is the manager at the front line informed us 'Whoever gets the most apps gets to throw a pie in my face.' What? Why in the world would I want to throw a pie in someone's face? I know, I'm a fuddy duddy that way, but seriously. I don't get the whole pie-in-the-face thing. I just don't understand the appeal. I like to have fun as much as the next guy, in fact, I think I'm a really fun chick! I go out and do stuff, and have a lot of fun! I like to think that when my kids are older, they will say, 'Mom knew how to have fun when we were growing up.' I hope they add 'and she hasn't slowed down yet!' LOL

Thing is, I just wish more people were nice. I truly think nice is underrated. I try to be nice. Seriously. I think if we were all nice to others, the world would truly be a better place. Now, don't get me wrong, there are times when I'm not so nice. Nobody's perfect, and man, you know I'm not. But I just think that if we try to be nice, and if we are nice, others are nicer to us. Smile and the world smiles back kind of thing, you know? Do unto others, and you catch more flies with honey, all that. I think there is no greater compliment anyone could give me than that I am a 'nice lady'. Please God, help me be a nice lady.

So I don't get the pie in the face thing. Or the shave the guy bald thing. I mean seriously, why is that fun. I mean, reward me with chocolate, I'm happy. Tell me you'll give me a bag of Hershey Kisses. That'll do it. I know, I can buy my own Hershey Kisses any time I want to, but they taste so much better when they're a gift, don't they? LOL

Y'all have a nice day.

Chrysanthemum Dishrag

So I made this pretty little dishrag. I like it a lot. It's cute. The colors don't come out right in this picture. It's lemon yellow, with delft blue trim. I think I'll make more, in different colors. I may even use them for dishes, though I don't know. I put this one in my bathroom, to use for my face or something. Ha ha. The pattern is here. I made a few changes, didn't make forty stitches on the third row, and increased a little differently. I think the fact that it curled was more the way I crochet than a problem with the pattern. I think I do things in my own little way. Ha.

I've been enjoying making some litttle washcloths and towels from Peaches and Cream yarn. I like the yarn, it's all cotton. It's super-absorbent, and nice to wash with, or dry with, though it takes forever to air-dry. I haven't put it in the dryer yet, and I was talking with a lady in Hobby Lobby who mentioned that this yarn shrinks the first time you dry it. I will keep that in mind, and maybe make things a little larger than I want them to be long-term.

I also made a washcloth from I Love This Cotton, but it doesn't quite work right, like the Peaches and Cream yarn does. I do love the way the ILTC feels in my hand, though, and have a nice pillow I want to make from it. Ah, the list of things I am going to do, it's ever so long.........

On such a cheerful note, I have sold my first bag from my Etsy shop, to a lady in Australia! Such a small world we live in now, with the internet and all........ So exciting, makes me want to make another bag or two. I'm encouraged now, maybe a couple more will sell. I do mean to list a few more things there, keep it current so that maybe some things will sell for Christmas. I'll think of other things to list, too. I've been thinking maybe some tree skirts, I've seen so many patterns I like.....

Y'all have a wonderful day!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aw, how sweet.

How sweet of Marie Anne at Every Day Crochet to give me an award. I am truly touched, and thank you so much, Marie Anne. She says the words are Portugese, and mean 'recognizing your talent', and I am to pass it on to six other wonderful bloggers. That's the hard part, because I follow so many talented people, but I will try. Hats off to these lovely ladies who inspire me.

Lucy at Attic24

Creative Crochet

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Clara at Clara's Crochet Room, and Marie Anne, you know I would have put y'all, too, but you already had them! Also, Pammy Sue, I am honoring your request not to be included, but you know I think you're so talented.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am crocheting-along with Itsy Bitsy Spider, making pumpkins. These are cute, and they are easy to do as well. I really enjoy making them. I have a little Fall grouping in mind, a little crocheted scarecrow with some pumpkins around him. How cute would that be. Hope it turns out like my mind has it pictured. My sister, Jane, recommended making these in a variegated yarn, and I had some of this pretty yarn (Red Heart Marrakesh) that I got on clearance a while back, so I tried it. Turned out cute, didn't it? I like it. No, real pumpkins don't come in these colors, Tim, but guess what. Real pumpkins are not made of yarn LOL I made these with Red Heart yarn, in carrot. I like that carrot yarn, and I have been thinking that the pumpkin yarn is too bright. But, I think I will probably make one pumpkin in 'pumpkin', LOL I think several different colors would be fun.
I've been really busy working lately, not that I've been working a lot of hours, but I've been working every day, and so busy doing all sorts of other things, too. I've just been super busy. David hurt himself Sunday, fell down in Target and twisted a muscle at his knee. It's healing well, he is almost walking now, but he's been home from school. So that's kept me busy...... oh heck, I don't know what else, but I just haven't gotten to this blog as much since I've been working......... heck, haven't crocheted a heck of a lot, though I have a lot of projects lined up in my head, waiting their turn........ LOL.
Anyway, I also have no WIP this week either. I've done some on the Granny Stripes, but not much, so the picture would really be the same as last week. Next week, ok?
Y'all have a wonderful day. I need to go grocery shop. Yay!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trying to win more stuff..... LOL

See this book? I love this book. I want it. Bad. There are some seriously fabulous things in this book. To that end, I'm following a blog tour about this book. The details about that tour is on The Crochet Dude's blog. ( or
I'm kinda aggravated, though, because today's blog stop apparently forgot to include the code word. It's a nice blog, nice write-up, but there's no word, and when I clicked on her links, I got Malware warnings.......... maybe that's me, though, my computer skills are a little lacking sometimes..............
Anyway, it's worth a shot. LOL

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday and the cutest little purse....

It's Work In Progress Wednesday, and I have so many! LOL I'll share a few.....

I am still working on the Sunny Spread by Ellen Gormley. I just love her stuff. The blocks are adding up, and I am about a quarter of the way there. This will be my first afghan made of squares. Can't wait to finish it, and yet, I work on so many different things at once..... silly me.....

I was at Walmart the other day, like every other day, and saw a young lady carrying the sweetest little crocheted purse. It was a square like this, with little embroidered flowers on it, and a braided handle. I thought I needed to make something like that. Hers had little blue flowers, done differently, but here is my take on it. I like the bright pink (Old Rose by ILTY) and I added the greenery. I think it looks romantic. I just have to add the handle. I really wanted to make this in a light blue, but when I got home, I didn't have the yarn I pictured, and couldn't wait to get started. So I made it in Aran. The young lady's purse was just about this color. I can picture this or something like it in the blue, or yellow, pink, heck, any pastels, with flowers embroidered, or crocheted and sewn on........... the possibilities are endless, really.

And underneath it all, the Granny Stripes. Oh, I do love this. I totally identify with Lucy at Attic24, from whom I got this pattern. Every row, every cluster, it is more and more beautiful, and I am more and more in love with this. The colors, though at first I thought they were not right, are perfect. This flies along, simply because I cannot put it down. Yummmmm...... so wonderful. This is, in fact, not an afghan but a blanket. It covers my queen-sized bed with generous drape, and will have more when the edge is added. I am going to snuggle up under this on every cold night and feel warm and toasty. And the feel of it, soft and nubby.... can you tell this is my favorite thing I have ever made? It is. Seriously.
I am linking up with Marie Anne at Everyday Crochet,
as well as Creative Crochet

for Work In Progress Wednesday.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Giveaway!

Kristine over at Creative Crochet is having a giveaway. I want to win this wonderful beading book, or maybe another one about how to do Mosaic Crochet. Y'all go over there and check it out, maybe you can win something.
She is giving away four books, each separately, so you have four chances to win, and there's something for everybody. Good luck, y'all!
On another very cheery note, I got me a job. It's part-time at Walmart, as a cashier, but it's a start. It's not nursing, but let me tell you a few things. Walmart has benefits. I don't know how their insurance is now, but it's insurance, and back in the day, when Dan and I were married and I was having babies, it was great insurance. I think it just cost me a couple hundred dollars to have Danny and David. Cheap! Also, they have a stock plan, a 401K or comparable plan, vacation time, and you can't discount that ten percent discount! LOL But it adds up. Also, I just found out that Assistant Managers at Walmart make anywhere from $48,000 to $60,000 a year. Now look, that's more than I've been making as a nurse. I just may check into that. Y'all do you know that a Store Manager at Walmart can make $100,000 a year? I had no flippin' idea! That totally surprises me. In fact, a lot of the salaries at Walmart surprise me. Don't get me wrong, I won't make that starting out, but the salary is better than one might think, and they give regular raises.............
And, I have to add......... LOL
My kids are just so great. For years, I have listened to them talk about games, cartoons, you know, things that don't interest me. LOL I just kind of nod my head and say 'Oh, cool.' at what are hopefully the appropriate places. But I have told them, you know, if you keep talking to me about the same things over and over, I am gonna need to be telling you about crochet! Of course, that's a topic that bores them. Ha! Don't get me wrong, I love to hear them tell me about their day, and what's going on in their lives, I even like to hear about the upcoming games they are interested in, you know, so I'll know what to get them for Christmas. But I don't need to hear about it 20 hours a day, you understand. Anyway, I have noticed now, that my kids will occasionally come up to me while I'm crocheting and say *gasp!* 'Whatcha makin' there?' Wow, way to act interested! They have even gotten to where they will point out cool colors of yarn to me at Hobby Lobby, and have even told me they wouldn't mind having that blanket, or this afghan. In fact, occasionally, they tell me, 'Mom, can you make me a ball, please? Orange.' I love this! I mean, it's not interest, but it kind of is, too. Makes me feel good.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My first CAL - how fun!

I am joining Itsy Bitsy Spider for my first Crochet-a-Long. How fun! Just in time, well, early, but hey, for me, just in time, for Hallowe'en! David is gonna love this. I'm sure one will not be nearly enough, I'm gonna need to make several of these cute little guys. Actually, I can't wait. I have this mental picture already of greenery, a few of these, a cute lil scarecrow I saw in Mary Maxim's catalog... who knows what else. This is gonna be a blast!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More bargains! I'm on a roll.

Okay, my bad, I got this pretty little blue chair and ottoman from beside the dumpster at my apartment complex. But I checked her over really well, and there's nothing living in there, so it's alright. She's sturdy, and all her parts still work, she rocks. The biggest blemish, I think, is the cigarette burn that the remote is hiding. She doesn't smell like cigarettes, though, and though she's worn, she's totally serviceable. God is answering my prayers for furniture. I like the way she goes with what I already have. So far, I haven't paid a cent for this grouping, how great is that. And the longer that little loveseat sits in my living room, the more I wonder if a sofa wouldn't really be too big for that little living room. Especially after I bought in my ginormous TV from the Salvation Army, got at half price today. That thing is huge!

Now I did spend money for this, but isn't he cute! I was at the Goodwill, of course, and had in my mind that I needed some throw cushions. I noticed that last night, when I tried to lay on my loveseat, nowhere to put my head. So I saw this little cushion, such a pretty blue pattern, and nicely stuffed, only $2.99. So I grabbed it and walked all through the store with it and another little cushion, both totalling five bucks. I didn't even notice the rooster 'til I set it on the counter to pay for it! LOL I was surprised, I said "Well, look at that cute lil rooster! I didn't notice him til just now, I was going for the cute lil blue cushion!" The cashier thought that was funny, and told me a funny story of her own, which I've forgotten now. LOL Y'all know I love my roosters, but they're pretty much all in the kitchen, so now I guess one's wandered out into the living area. I like it!
Look, on another subject, did y'all see Big Brother tonight? Oh my gosh, Ragan about grossed me out! In the veto competition, they were looking for those CD's on the ground, and in that mud........ then to climb up to Otev, he stuck that nasty thing in his mouth! Yuck! Tim asked me, well where do you want him to put it, he needs his hands. I said, stick it in his pants, not in his mouth! Yeesh! So nasty. .......there, I'm done!
Y'all have a good one!