Sunday, February 19, 2012

How cute are those!

I'm sitting here eating peanuts (by the way, is there anything better than peanuts in shells... well, there is, but they're pretty good.... but I digress) and looking at the new Annie's Attic catalog, which just came in the mail today.

Look at those! Those earrings! Aren't they cute! Here's the link to order them. I gotta have me that pattern and make me some earrings. I love crocheted jewelry, and these are just too cute. Dang Annie's Attic, always putting out more stuff I gotta have. They are gonna break me! Ha! I'll die broke and surrounded by crochet. Not a bad way to go, if you ask me.

Y'all have a great day.

I know it's not Wednesday......

But heck, thought I'd share my current WIP anyway. My latest afghan, a big ole granny. I love these crazy things.

Yep, it's even almost done. I'm working on the edge of the edge. Nice simple scallop, nothing too fancy. I thought something fancier would overwhelm it, but I also think this is too pretty for just a picot edge. I'll do a ta-dah when it's all done. It is beautiful, I think.

And look, do you like these colors? I do. I think I right-clicked this from Drew Emborsky's facebook page or something. It looks like Red Heart Soft colors to me. I'm thinking I need to do something like this. I love those colors.

Y'all have a great day!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What? Men, too?

Another little facebook tidbit that I thought I'd share. I love that she says any male who knits in public is obviously masculine enough to defend himself. Go Abby!

Expecto Crochetnum? Ha ha ha!

Oh my gosh, this was so funny! A facebook friend of mine posts this picture with the caption "Expecto Crochet-num!" And the fun began! I'm not showing names for privacy's sake, just sharing some of the comments, which made me totally ROFL!

Accio yarn!


Weavegardium Yarneviosa!




Prior Stitchato!


For me....I'd just need Reparo Crotchenum. Then when i MESS UP it will fix it instantly!

LOL we should all enroll at "Hookwarts School of Yarncraft and Weavardry"

School of Yarncraft and Weavardy. Love it. Who is going to come up with the song for the sorting hat to sing? A crocheted hat of course! : )

Hookwarts Hookwarts, hooky hooky Hookwarts, weave us something please. Whether we be old and gray or young with scabby knees.

Haaaaaa Crochet Sorting Hat!!!!!!! ooohhhhh I want to be in......Hookelpuff!


In times of old when I was new

And Hookwarts barely started

The crocheters of our crafty school

Thought never to be parted

United by a common thread

They had the selfsame yarning

To make the world’s best crocheting school

And pass along their darning.

“Together we will sew and crochet”

The four good crocheters decided

And never did they dream

that they would some day come unraveled.

For were there such friends anywhere as

Worsted Yarn and Crochet hook?

Unless it was the second pair

Chain stitch and Hooklepuff????

Yeah! Yeah! That right there! That's some funny stuff, you gotta admit it! Linda has got herself some hilarious crocheting friends!