Sunday, December 5, 2010


....makes the heart grow fonder? Yeesh, one can only hope, right? I haven't blogged in like, three weeks. Tut, tut, tut..... Terrible, terrible.

I've been crocheting, been working on my tree skirt. I'm using that 7-hour Tree Skirt pattern, but I'm adding to it, making it bigger. I like my tree skirts big. I'll show it when I'm done, which should be very soon. I'm also still working on that Granny Stripe Afghan, which is also very nearly done. Christmas, you know, that takes a lot of time. Things come to a screeching halt this time of year, without my meaning for them to do so.

Meantime, of course I've been shopping at the Salvation Army. I went there one day because I really need a different sofa. That one I got for free has seen its last days. Precious David. It took him a while, but he worked on it bit by bit, and finally tore up that back cushion. Got it right off of the couch, piece by piece. Sometimes you just gotta laugh. But I digress.

Anyway, so I'm at the Salvation Army, and I find this sweet little writing desk. I wanna think it's vintage or something, but that little hole cut out of the back makes me question that. Why would someone put a hole in the back, other than to allow a plug through? So it's probably not as old as I would like to think it is..... but I love it anyway. I like the tole painting on it, and it's just cute. I think it makes a nice addition to my bedroom. The little chair came with it, though I'm not sure it really 'goes with' it. I'm thinking maybe it's just something someone used with it. I do not like the 1984 blue cushion cover. I think it needs something in needlepoint. I can fix that, though.

There. That's my little desk. Now for my rant. LOL
So I saw "The Twilight Saga - Eclipse" last night. Rented it. Man, I am so glad I rented it, as opposed to seeing it in the theater. Man, do these movies get more and more over-acted? It's almost too predictable, just how much that Edward is going to brood. There's very little smiling, even when they are supposed to be doing a 'love scene'. And the kisses. Not attractive at all. They just don't really look like they're enjoying kissing each other. I don't know. I'm sure I'm going to keep watching until they're resolved, but I'm more and more disappointed by those crazy movies............
Anyway, y'all have a great day. I'll try to get more blogging done.... LOL


glor said...

What an amazing find. I love the writing desk and I think the chair is fine, eclectic I am into big time ... and if you're going to be a needlepoint cover, it will be wow!

Designing Lady Jane said...

Very nice desk there, Jules. I love that it's small but still very capable. I actually like that chair, it looks like its the perfect pair to that desk, something about those curved braces and the lines to it. Good find.