Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 Annie's Attic Afghan Calendar

Y'all were waiting for this, weren't you? Man, I was. I love the Afghan Calendar that comes out every year. Twelve big afghan patterns. I love it. Wanna look at it with me? I just got it today.... What do you want to make?

Ah, January.... guess they think we're all working on the ones we didn't finish last year. (Never mind that they're right.............) This one is nothing new under the sun, I think.....

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Just your regular, run-of-the-mill, double crochet ripple. Not that it's not beautiful. I love ripples, make a lot of them. My point is that I have the ripple pattern down, can do it in my sleep. It's called Rippling Ridges. That's original.

I believe this was in Crochet World? I love it, don't get me wrong, man, I do actually want to make it, in vivid colors, reds, browns, golds................ but I already have this pattern, on account of I subscribe to both Crochet and Crochet World digitally. It's called Rocking Guitar Ripple.

I think this is Catherine's Wheel, is it not? Beautiful, yes? Yes, indeed. It's called Peaceful Harmony. Pretty name.

Oh, I like this one. Radiating Diamonds, pretty. These little motifs form a radiating diamond pattern, hence the name. That's a lotta little motifs, though.

May is called Playtime. Cute little baby afghan. Sweet.

I already have this pattern somewhere, I am sure. Maybe it's in that 50 Beautiful Afghans book, the one with the Stained Glass Afghan on the cover. It's pretty, isn't it? That edge is gorgeous, yes indeed.

I have a thing for the 23rd Psalm. A church I was attending years ago had an in-depth study of it, and I learned so much. Ever since then, I have loved the 23rd Psalm. Also, my mother loved the 23rd Psalm. I believe it was one of her favorite Bible passages. I like this afghan. I would like to say I am gonna make this, but are those popcorns? Popcorns make me nuts.

Ooooohhhhhh, look at thaaaaaaaaaaatttt............. Oooohhhh........ Ah.......... That there is pretty. I would love to make that. Alas, it is made of 117 blocks. 117! I don't know that I can go there.......... I'm still working on the 64 blocks that make up the Sunny Spread............

THAT! That right there! Y'all, this is the reason I had to have this calendar. The Log Cabin Scrapghan. I don't know about Scrapghan, I'll probably buy the yarn for this, but I WILL! make this. Ain't she gorgeous!

Ah, yes, Breast Cancer Awareness. It's a good cause, yes, it is, but I'm waiting for somebody to design somebody awesome for breast cancer awareness........ something with varying colors of pink, and beautiful swirls, maybe some flowers mixed in with the ribbons, and a beautiful, beautiful edge.

Wasn't this just published in Crochet World in December or so? Designed by a blogger I follow, I think, too. But, oh my, it's beautiful. Done in some gorgeous colors, too, by the way. Red Heart carrot, medium thyme, gold, and burgundy. Vivid, beautiful colors.

Now, I personally would expect the December afghan to be a Christmassy
afghan, and this one is not. But heck, that's just color choice, right? Make this in Christmassy colors, it's a Christmassy afghan, right? That's pretty, too, isn't it. I like it.

Now, I don't mean this to be a negative post, though I did fuss quite a bit, didn't I? Tired, maybe. It's a beautiful calendar. I hope to make a few things in here. And I know y'all wanted to see what all was here, didn't you.

Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm liking a lot of those. Especially the December one. Awesome!