Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finished the big, beautiful granny.

I haven't been this happy with a completed project in a good long while. This great big granny is, to me, beautiful. I love the colors, and I think the pattern came out nice. I like the way the edge works on it as well. I think this will be out on display, in use, in my living room for a very long time.

I love the Caron Simply Soft yarn with which I made it. Such beautiful, bright colors. Yes, it's a little splitty to work with, and you do have to occasionally adjust if your hook doesn't grab it just right, but the finished project is so soft and silky, it's totally worth it. In fact, I am using this same yarn for my current project, another round rippled afghan. I tend to call these things stars, though they really aren't. They look sort of star-like to me.

Y'all have a wonderful day, with much happy hooking going on!


Designing Lady Jane said...

Your new granny is gorgeous. It looks very nice, and deserves to be out to be admired and used. You are incredibly talented.

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Congrats! I love that feeling of finishing something you love.