Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is so convenient!

Look at this cute little cell phone carrier. I tell you, I made this up one day not thinking much, just thinking I needed to get the cell phone out of my pocket, where it seems I lose the signal and miss calls. I was forever leaving my phone in my car, or forgetting it at home, or man, digging in my purse as it was ringing, only to find it just as it quit ringing, and I had missed that call.
This was easy to make, it's all single crochet. I think I chained seven, and made sixteen rows of single crochet, then made an edge of single crochet, then joined it all with wrong sides together, again using single crochet. The handle is, of course, single crochet, with a chain of five at the end to go around a button sewn onto the carrier. The yarn I used was good old Red Heart, just grabbed a skein out of my box and used a tiny bit.

This little thing has been so handy. I think I made it two weeks ago, and have been using it since then. Usually, I hook it through a loop of my jeans, so that when I bend down or reach for my keys, it doesn't hit odd buttons and dial weird things, yet it's handy when I need to grab a call. I don't forget it in my car, either. I didn't even realize how handy it would be, but I love this thing now.

I'm thinking it might make a fun little Christmas present, and I may need one in a couple more colors. I'm also thinking now, it might be fun made in the afghan/tunisian stitch. The more I look at this, the more I use it, the more ideas I get.

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DesigningLadyJane said...

That's way cute. That is a button, then, that you use to attach it? You could offer it on etsy with an initial quickstitched on it to customize it.