Monday, November 8, 2010

Ack! My house is a mess!

Boy, it is chaos here. I have been trading bedrooms with the boys, and the house is crazy. We're kind of arranging the boys' room, because this is, I'm sure, one of the very few times it will look presentable for a long while. LMHO

David's corner looks so cute. I was going to buy him a cheap little $40 Walmart dresser to put his toys on, but he chose something else. A little shelving unit from Walmart, but it's cute. Then he put his trains into a couple of little tubs on the bottom shelf, and his boom box on the top shelf so he can listen to his tunes........ so cute. I've put some toys and books on the other shelves, I'm sure those will change often, and I hung his favorite numbers poster above it, and he's all set, in his bottom bunk (Jon's bed is the top bunk.) with his table, and access to his toys.

My room is crazy. I'm not posting a picture of it, because it looks terrible. Ha. It'll be really pretty before long, though, and I'll show you pictures then.

Y'all have a wonderful day!


Clara said...

Join the club...mine's a mess too! I should stop crocheting so much and get at it. Your son looks all cozy in the room with the blanket too!

Designing Lady Jane said...

Julie, I thought you had the smaller room? I'm wondering why you're changing? Just curious, I'm sure it's all good stuff. Dave does look so grown up with his little corner going.