Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family weekend

Happy birthday, David! Yesterday was his birthday. We had a busy day, he had fun, and we capped it with Boston Creme birthday cake and Butterfinger ice cream. He enjoyed it.

I've had a nice weekend. Well, Friday evening and Saturday morning. I am working this weekend, which always tears the weekend up, I think. I work two twelve-hour shifts on the weekend, so it's pretty much a wash after Saturday. I have the Friday off before the weekends I work, so I can do something Friday evening, and early Saturday, before I go to work at 6 on Saturday. But I had a good time. My oldest son, Dan, came up (with his Dad, but that's another story you don't want to hear... LOL ) to visit me. He's a sugar. He needed school clothes, said he only had one shirt that he's washing every day, didn't have shoes except his flip flops, and needed a jacket. So I took some of that car money and took him shopping. I'll buy the car next week. LOL Took him to Old Navy and got him some shirts, oh that's a nice store. I also got him a sweat jacket, and another little sleeveless jacket, that oughtta be enough for Texas. Then I took him to a little shoe store with great prices, spent $25 and got him two pairs of shoes, and then to Target, where I got him some pants and a backpack, because he said his was tearing up. It was fun to shop with him, and fun to spoil him some, too. I'm so glad to have a job again, where I can do that now and then.

When Dan and his dad got here, they brought Jon a present. His Aunt had found him a little dog that needed rescued. He had been found on the side of the road a couple of months back as a puppy, and a friend of hers took him in, but she (the friend) had way too many dogs, and this one needed a good home. Well, Jon's been bugging me for a dog, and he wanted a weenie dog, and this one is some sort of a weenie dog mix, so it's a perfect fit. We are all in love with Mario.
I'll be off Monday to rest up from the weekend, and will probably crochet some more then. Meantime, y'all have a great day!


Clara said...

Best birthday gift ever I bet!

Designing Lady Jane said...

Wow, busy weekend. You know I want to hear that other story, tho in hearing about how much shopping was for bare necessities, I can imagine some of it. Cute dog!