Friday, November 12, 2010

Finishing up

Well, I am just finishing up the stripes on my Granny Stripes Blanket. It's just about time to move on to the border. So now I have to decide just what that border will be.

I have been looking through this fabulous border book. It has lots of ideas, lots of great pictures of things to put on the edge of your project. It's a great book. I have several options I'm considering. I want something that will go with the granny stripes, not too open weave, not too light and airy, but I don't want to flat up repeat what is going on with the stripes. I also want the border to be substantial, not an afterthough.

Here are some I think would be nice.

This is border #5. I like that it is substantial, and curvy, with the shells, which I think would go well with the grannies. I would add a few rows of color first, because I think the border needs to be as colorful as the stripes.

I like this, too. It's border #15. This is, is it too like the grannies? Would it not stand out, or would it look like I'm just hurrying through the border?

I like this, too, it's border #24. Only thing is, I wonder if it is too open. I wonder if it would go with the grannies. Those stripes are fairly substantial. Could this border work with the blanket?

This is one I like as well. It's border #121. Only thing is, while yes, it is substantial, I wonder if it is TOO substantial. Is it too much? Will it overpower the blanket, especially if I add a couple of rows of color as a beginning border. My thought is that I am going to do first a row of grannies around the edge, just to establish an even edge, then go with maybe a couple of rows of solid color, solid double crochet, just to kind of solidify the edge, then do the chosen border.
Well, what do y'all think?


Clara said...

It's one of those things, you almost have to try it first. They are all nice though.

Mindy said...

Hmmm...I'm not a good judge since I've never done a Granny Square Afghan, but I think I like #15 with it. It seems similar enough to a granny pattern to blend in, but not so similar that you can't notice it as a beautiful addition.

I REALLY like #24! That's gorgeous. ...just not sure how it would work with the granny pattern.

I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

I have just started to make granny square blankets. (from Uk so tend to say blanket rather than Afgan), I was taught and have for years made granny square blankets mostly for mums expecting babies, this would give me 9 months to complete. Just lately I have been practicing new ways of crochet. I made a granny square baby cocoon for a friend, it was going to be a blanket but because I cast on way too many stitches being new to granny stripes it was way too big for a baby so I folded in half and stitches up the sides. The top can be folded down to accommodate the size of the baby at the time. I never set out to make a cocoon I find this happens a lot with my crochet things turn out into things I didn't plan which is great. Thanks for blogging it's great to share interests. The granny stripe blanket is amazing on your photo and the range of crochet stitches available never cease to amaze me.