Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The End(s)

Ack! I'm tangled up in ends! All these ends to weave in......... it's flat tedious...... this is the hold-up on the Granny Stripe Blanket.

Now, why in the world didn't I weave these ends in as I went. Lucy said to. But I didn't. I gotta tell you, ends is the one thing about crocheting that I do not like. Most ends I just crochet in, but it doesn't work with grannies, now does it? So now, before I do the edge of this blanket, I must get all these ends woven in. Yeesh.

I love this blanket, and can't wait 'til it's done. I love the colors. I love the weight of the blanket.

I am making this blanket with I Love This Yarn, worsted weight yarn, using a G hook, so the blanket is coming out very thick, and heavy, and warm. On a cold evening, it will be just the ticket for cuddling up in.

And the colors. The colors. The colors are gorgeous. Like I say, I can't wait to finish it.
But first.............. I have to finish weaving in those ends. Ah well, best get to it.
Happy hooking, y'all!


Debi Y. said...

It's very pretty. You could leave the ends (and add a little more) to have a fringe - will save you alot of work. :)

crazymotheringchick said...

Not a bad idea, but I am actually not a fan of fringe in general. I tend to avoid it.

Sarah.Crochet said...

beautiful work! I hate sewing in my ends too... I also try to crochet over them as much as possible. but I've learned that if I sew them in as I go... I dont hate them... as much! Good luck and hope you get to snuggle with it soon!

Melissa said...

So pretty! Love all the colors. :)

Clara said...

I think we all hate those ends. The beauty of the blanket makes up for it.

Designing Lady Jane said...

Those ends seem really long....I would think you could just leave an inch or two and crochet it in a stitch or two, but I guess I don't know the particulars here. I'd be tempted to do that fringe.

Sandy said...

I've learned to do the ends as I go because I HATE having millions to do at the end of a project. I love your ripple blanket with all the bright colors. Fantastic!