Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Oh my gosh, wouldja lookit that! Is she too cute or what! It's Oprah, designed by Allison Hoffman. Isn't that just crazy-cute? I'm loving it, I tell you. I'm not gonna make it, I have no patience for amigurumi, but I wish somebody would make one for me. Ha! You can get this pattern for free over at the Lion Brand site. You have to register to get all these free patterns, but registration is free, and totally worth it. I tell you, I can spend hours there, downloading way too many patterns, most of which I will not make, though I tell myself I will. Ha ha. Y'all check that place out!

Have a great day.

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Designing Lady Jane said...

That is too cute. You could adapt it for you, just switch some colors, I'm sure.