Friday, May 13, 2011

The Pillows

Ack, I can't take a good picture. And although I do want a new camera, I don't think the camera has anything to do with my failure as a photographer. Maybe I should wait for evening light, or find a good backdrop, or heck, wait a few more days for the pillows to take a prettier shape. Who knows. I'm anxious to share, though, because I am loving these pillows so much. These are made with Red Heart SS in Aran, and I picture them made in so many other colors, so many other yarns. I will say that although the pattern calls for a G hook, they didn't work out right with that, so I have switched to an I hook, and that, to me, made all the difference.

I have a few more to make for the first time, but I hope to eventually have a pile of these made. The pictures really do not do them justice. I see golds, reds, browns, creams, greens, blues, yellows........ warm colors, cool colors............ all of them. These make up quickly, too. Letting them sit for a bit is the most time-consuming part of making them, but heck, while they sit, I just make more up.

On another note, where are the two posts I have already posted this month. Dang it......... Maybe I'll wait, see if they show back up? They disappeared after blogger was down for a couple of days. I hate it when this happens............ yeesh.

Y'all have a glorious day!


Mindy said...

They look great!

Auli said...

Your pillows are so beautiful!