Monday, July 4, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

Happy Fourth of July, y'all. It's been nice for me. I have the boys, and we are all having a great time. Life is good. Life in America is good. We forget how good we have it here in America, and then I talk to some of my friends, who are not American, but they are refugees here, and I hear what they go through. Life is good in America, y'all.

I took the boys to Six Flags, or Fiesta Texas, or whatever you call it. It's Six Flags in San Antonio. We got Season Passes, it didn't make sense not to. It's open all year down here, and Season Passes are less than two visits, so you do save money. It opens the possibility of visiting again in the next year. We'll do that, I'm sure. We were disappointed that the fireworks show was without fireworks. There was a video and laser part, but it really wasn't the same. Then it was pointed out to me that SOMEBODY WILL do something stupid, you know they will, and many people will suffer. And I realized, as much as I hate the fireworks ban here in Texas, it is necessary. I decided to quit moaning about it. I'll just enjoy my hot dogs and watermelon. Ha

Y'all have a Happy Fourth, seriously.

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