Thursday, October 6, 2011

David's Latest Hat

Well, here is the Acrobat Hat from Shannon Mullet Bowlsby's "Heady Affairs". The picture, of course, does not do the pattern justice. It has a great post stitch texture that is so cool to see, and just wonderful to touch. I just know David is going to love this hat. There is so much to keep his fingers busy.

I made it with ILTY Ivy League print. That yarn is so gorgeous, I love the combination of colors. They are all so vibrant and beautiful. I made a little shoulder bag with this (I still have to finish that off, with sewing and adding little notions and a handle.) yarn that I am going to love when it is finished. It's one of those multi colors that is just so wonderful.

Now David wants the Steam Punk hat. I'm trying to decide what colors to make it in. This is a really good book, and the patterns are easy, too.


Neicee said...

Oo I love it! Great job! Great colors. I must check out that book.

Mindy said...

Love the hat and love the yarn!! Fabulous combo! =)

Designing Lady Jane said...

Liz wore the beret you crocheted her the other day. I was admiring it, it looks really nice. Very high quality.

naida said...

love the hat and that yarn is really nice :)