Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Southern Living Idea House Tour

Well, I went to the Southern Living Idea House last Friday. I love those things, those idea homes. I love to go anywhere that inspires me, and kind of gives me decorating ideas. When I go furniture shopping, I take pictures all through the store, of things that give me ideas on how to arrange a seating group, or a tabletop, or whatever.

The welcoming committee was lovely. He didn't say a word, but he made me glad to be there.

Coming up to the home, I have to say, it's not a house that really appeals to me. Gorgeous, yes, indeed! Just I like things more rustic, and that house was Tuscan. I like Tuscan, just I like rustic Tuscan. Well, they won't all be great big cabins, though, will they. Ha. I think my home in Heaven is a cabin. A big one. Ha.
There were a lot of rustic images, though. The ceilings were great.

One of the big names in the home was Ballard. They used a lot of Ballard things all over the house, and gave out Ballard catalogs. I have loved Ballard for a long time. I wish I could afford Ballard furniture, it's gorgeous, and you can pick your upholstery, even send them your own fabric, and they will cover your furniture with it. When I'm rich... LOL (Probably in the cabin in Heaven, don'tchaknow..... LOL)

The dining room was lovely. The chairs were different heights, staggered around the table. That was interesting. Also, it was draped beautifully. In fact, the whole home was draped wonderfully. They had little seating areas tucked in the corners of the dining room. That seemed like a fun idea.

The outdoor spaces in this home were fabulous. Wouldn't you love to have this outside your dining room?

The kitchen was nice. It opened right onto the dining area. There was really no eat-in space in the kitchen, though, and although the shelves looked cool, there was less cabinet space than your average apartment. It was definitely not built for a cook, though it showed off the Ikea stuff well. Of course, I suppose if you can afford that fancy house and all that fancy food, you can afford to eat out, or have it brought in. Ha.

The TV room was lovely. Mostly white, which worked, but I would like more color. But again, they had all that Ballard stuff there, and I would just chose different fabric. I loved the draping again, it was gorgeous. One thing, there were little occasional tables all over. I don't care what you were doing, it seemed you could grab a table, and have an area to put your stuff. I liked that.

They used these little ottomans all over the house. Now there's an idea I will use. Ottomans are c

On the way into the Master Bedroom, you went through this library. I dream of a library like this, do you?

Some things about the home were a little disappointing. The Master Bedroom, though very nice, was not the homey, inviting refuge I like my bedroom to be. It seemed very open, kind of like another public space. I like my bedroom to be more serene. I don't know, it just didn't appeal to me. It was beautiful, though. It did have a wonderful Master Patio, which totally appealed to me. I could so love a Master Patio.

Upstairs was a third seating area. It was nice, but it was kind of a landing, placed almost at the upstairs bedroom area, but not quite. The ceiling was low, and, though I am barely over five feet tall, it was kind of claustrophobic. It was decorated beautifully, though, of course.

The upstairs bedrooms were a big letdown to me, and I was chatting with another visitor who felt the same way. They were both done in Ikea, and after going through a home that was so generally impressive, this look kind of said 'Oh, here are these extra bedrooms. Let's pop something in here, too.' Don't get me wrong, Ikea is great for what it is designed for, the person just starting out in their first home or apartment. It's not something you would expect to see in a million dollar home, and here, it looked like an afterthought.

Well, downstairs and outside! The outside spaces were gorgeous. It has been hot, hot, hot! in Texas and the candles were melting and leaning, is that funny or what.... I loved the candles, though, they were scattered everywhere, inside and out. I love candles, they do make a house a home.

Every area was furnished impeccably, even the little dock. You could swim off here, then when you came up, you could lounge on a chair, or a little canopied daybed! How fun!

I enjoyed the home, though. I love looking through idea homes. I wish I had more chances to do so. I got a lot of ideas here, things I am thinking of putting in my own little home. I am inspired!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me along on your little trip. While the house has its lovely spots, I don't think it's quite my style either. Not quite homey enough for me. I often joke that our house is "early Halloween" because every room has a different theme. I like to take into account the light and space, etc. and then build from there. I could never be a decorator. I don't have "the touch." (There are some pieces of furniture shown, however, that I'd like to get my hands on -- you too, huh?)

Designing Lady Jane said...

Oh, I didn't realize you had posted this. I loved that patio area, it looks so inviting. It really is a very different style inside the house, isn't it. Those soaring ceilings were fantastic.