Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I've discovered a new hobby.


    I'm a crafty person. By that, I mean I love crafts. I like to try new things.  Craft stores are some of my favorite places to shop.  

I've discovered a new hobby.  For years, I've admired my sisters' art talents.  It seemed that was a gift that had passed me by.  Then one day, I was out shopping and saw a shop called "Painting With A Twist".  Have y'all heard of these ?  They're all over. I looked them up online, and I got to thinking I might could do this.  After all, a few years back, I painted some Christmas ornaments, and they were pretty cute.  I mean, you don't have to  be Picasso.  When I look at some of the artwork on my walls, they're not advanced artwork, but they look really nice.  So I thought I'd give it a go.  
This pretty lady above is my version of a painting I saw online, I believe she was a project at one of the Painting With A Twist shops.  She's darling, I think.  She's ready to go out dancing.  I haven't decided where I'll hang her yet.
 This pretty dancer was another something I saw online, and I think it was also something that had been done at Painting  With A Twist.  I tried her, and I really like the way she turned out.  I like pictures of dancers.  They always look so joyful.

This little birdie was inspired by a plate  I saw at Hobby Lobby.  Cute, yes?

So I'm really enjoying this!  Maybe I have a little talent.  Or heck, maybe anyone can paint!  

I'm telling you, I have found a lot of great teachers on youtube.  I watch a lot of videos.  Look up theartsherpa, Painting With Jane, Ginger Cook, Clive5Art.... those are just a few.  They give good lessons for beginners and more advanced artists.  I like Giner so much I joined her online academy. 

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