Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What a wonderful son I have....

This is my sweet son, Jon.  He was about six here, I believe.  He's a kind, considerate young man.  He loves to help others.  Jon at twenty is the same kind, giving young man he was as a little boy.

I'm remembering a story about that little boy today.  We were at a park, and the kids were swinging and sliding, doing all the things little boys do.  I was sitting on a little hillside watching them.  There was another little boy in the playground area, and another mother a few feet away from me on the little hillside.    Suddenly that other little boy started crying.  Jon grabbed him by the hand and said, "Here, go to your Mommy."  The other mother said, "No, don't come to me!  Go play!"  Jon stopped in shock, and you could see it all over his sweet little face.   That's okay, though, he quickly recovered, and just changed his path, saying "Go to my Mommy.  She'll help you."  I kind of looked at the other mother, because I didn't know if she would object.  She went back to whatever it was she was doing.  I soothed both boys. 

I just remember this as one example of my son's kindness.  He's always sharing what he has.  That day, he shared his Mommy.  It was, to me, an example of how Jon reaches out to others.  He does it easily, without thinking.  

Another day not so long ago, Jon and I were at Barnes & Noble when a young man with a trolley full of books did something that made him spill the books.  Jon and I were talking close by, but Jon jumped right in to help that young man pick up all those books, stacking them nicely on the trolley.  

This just illustrates how wonderful my son is.  I know God is going to use Jon in a mighty, mighty way some day.  I can't wait to see what that is. 

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