Monday, September 12, 2016

A Castle! I've found me a castle!

I spend a lot of time on, because I dream of buying a house.  Sometimes I dream of a million dollar house, sometimes I dream of something more affordable for someone like me.  You know, a working class single lady.  Whatever. This house caught my attention today.

It's a castle, I do declare!  It's a castle.  I mean, look at it.  See that round tower on the side?  I mean, how castle is that?  All it lacks is a moat, right?  I mean, this is Houston.  How hard would it be to catch a couple of alligators?

  Now see here.  You walk into your castle you look to the left.....  yep, that looks very castle-y.  Maybe even a bit dungeonesque.... 

Uh-huh!  The queen is in the counting-house, meeting with the royal lawyer, counting out her money.  She sit's in her throne.  She has her choice.  There is more than one.

 The balcony.  How very Juliet.  That's right.  That's me.  Juliet. 

I included this picture only because, well, it's interesting, isn't it?  The stools, well, zebras.  The cabbage on the walls.... well, there you have it.

The breakfast room.  Pretty, yes.  For eating bread and honey.  Biscuits.  With honey.  Whatever.

This is a closet for a queen, no?  Jules would love this closet.

Very, um, interesting.  I like it.  I do.  I like it.  It's in the castle.

This. Is where you cook outside.  Very... very, yes?  I might be overwhelmed by this.  I could handle it, though.

There you go.  The pool.  Because you have to have a pool.  For royal bathing, you know?  It's hot in the summer.  The pool boy will make sure the royal alligators stay out of the pool. 

Now.  Don't you want this?  And get this.  This castle costs a mere million dollars.  Oh, yes, you read that right.  Just a million.  One.  One million.  For a castle.  Grab your  checkbook!

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