Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Afghan Squared

I think that most people who have crocheted for long, or who crochet much, know how to make a granny square. I'm not crazy about granny squares, for the most part. It's not that I don't like them, they are really cute. And things made with granny squares are very nice. In fact, one day I would love to make myself the afghan called 'Poinsettias In The Snow', which is a take on granny squares. There are so many nice afghan/blankets made with granny squares, or other squares, and a lot of them I would love to have. My problem with granny squares is only that I have never yet finished something that took making a bunch of squares and piecing them together. I lose interest in it. It doesn't seem to go as quickly as making something in one big sheet. That big sheet is so easy for me, and so enjoyable. That's why I make so many ripple afghans. They go so quickly.
Well, this is the first part of my granny square challenge to myself. I am determined to finish a granny square afghan or blanket. This is the first step. It's the Afghan Squared. I got this pattern from Lion Brand Yarn online. I admit, I didn't look at the colors first, my bad. In fact, I didn't even click through to the directions for this once I looked at the picture. I regret that now, but the thing is more than half done. I may do another, using the colors correctly. I tried to look at the picture and pick the colors here, but totally fudged it. In the Lion Brand pattern, there are eight colors. Due to color variations in the picture (and my stubborn cockiness) I ended up with eighteen. Yeesh! Still, it looks good to me. In fact, my youngest son has already told me he wants it when it's done, because it looks 'awesome'. Thanks, Jon. Lion Brand has pictures of this afghan done in several other color variations. I may make more than one more, because I do love it. I'm doing pretty well here, I will finish this one. It is, after all, really done in one big sheet, no piecing together afterwards.
My goal, after I finish this one, is to make that 'Poinsettias In The Snow' for Christmas.

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DesigningLadyJane said...

That is a gorgeous afghan, I think the colors are really fun. I can imagine the Poinsettias in the Snow pattern, tho. It sounds gorgeous.