Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas Presents

If you're on my Christmas list, maybe you shouldn't be reading this.... LOL

These are the simplest slippers to make. I found this book at Michael's earlier this past spring and thought it would be fun to make some slippers. This is so far the only pattern I have tried. It's disgustingly easy, runs up in an hour or two. It's just a square that you fold and gather at the toes, and put together at the heels and top, so simple. I will say that when I first started making these, I had the wrong idea of what the 'back loop' was, so the first few pairs are not done with the nice texture. But I think they're nice either way, with or without the texture. I plan to pass these out as gifts for Christmas this year, and maybe later just for when I need a little gift as well.

Y'all have a wonderful day.


Clara said...

I've actually been trying a few patterns myself and have not come up with a pattern that I liked so I may try these. Thanks! They look great and are so useful.

Jane said...

Look at all those cute li'l roses for toes. I bought Ms Fab a 'I can teach myself Crochet' book and 3 skeins of yarn for her bday dinner last night (finally got to the family party). She gnashed her teeth at it for a good hour before giving it up in disgust, but Liz kept at it and has a good 3 rows of crochet completed. Yeah! My girls are getting crafty! (Jen is trying again, she'll get it eventually.)

crazymotheringchick said...

Are you designing some yourself, Clara?

Jane, how fun. What kind of yarn did you get? So they'll be making some fun things themselves soon. How neat.