Monday, October 11, 2010

Have y'all seen this book?

I finally got it. I've been wanting this book since before it hit the stands, and I just went ahead and bought it. I know. But I did. So whatever. It's from Crochet World magazine, and I love Crochet World, so you know. Then there's my love of afghans. There are like 44 afghan patterns in this book, of just about every skill level. I just had to share a few I love. Not all of them, just my favorites.

The cover afghan is gorgeous. It's called Falling Waters. It's made with Red Heart Fall yarn as one of it's colors. ILTY also makes a very nice fall multi, so it would be nice in that, too, I think. Pretty, isn't it?

Oooohhhh, that's nice. Love the colors. And the cables. It's called Cables and Colors.

Look at that. Kinda like that round ripple that I'm so loving. I like it in thicker stripes, and fewer colors. I might do that one of these days. Aren't those bright colors cute, though? Can't you just see some little guy sitting on that thing piling up some blocks? It's called the Circus Star.

This one is pretty, too. Ruffly and lacy. It's called French Provincial. I can just picture this in a romantic home.

This one would also look great in a romantic setting. I like that it's round. I like shapes other than squares. This is so pretty. It would also look nice with a baby wrapped in it. Ha. It's a baby afghan, called the Lacy Ripples Babyghan.

This is called Oriental Octagons. Very cool, isn't it. I like it a lot.

This is the Scandinavian Granny. I like it a lot. Those blocks remind me of stars, and the color combination, to me, just reinforces that idea. I think it would look cool done in navy, with a white sparkle yarn. That would really put me in mind of a starry night. You could also do it in a light blue, and maybe it would be more like a snowy day. Either way, it's gorgeous.

This is the Spiral Lapghan. I really like this. Round. That's definitely something I haven't made yet, a round afghan. Isn't it cool. Wouldn't it be cool to take this to a bonfire or a picnic. I'd love to chill in the park on this.

This is called Waves of Fire. I don't know if I like it for the pattern or the colors, but I sure do like it.

There are two octagons in the book, the Fall Octagon and the Octagon Baby. Both are neat. I should make an octagon afghan. Eventually. Ha!

There are several more that I really like, but I figured I had to draw the line somewhere. If you're out at a magazine stand, I highly recommend this book, or you can download it on e-patternscentral dot com. That's what I did. I like the books on the computer, so if you print a pattern or two out to use, you can write on it, and if it gets destroyed, just print out another one. Either way, this book is definitely worth the ten bucks you'll spend on it, there's just so much there. I just posted a few of my favorites. I'm loving this book.
Y'all have a great day.


Maria said...

Looks like a great book, and funny, but I have just been searching Ravelry for round blankets and an Octagon caught my eye. I like the idea for babys

Clara said...

Oh my gosh you will be busy. I am going to try to finish up what I have then begin some of the patterns I have in books I have on hand. I love that snowflake one. Show us as soon as you start on one.....can't wait.

Jane said...

That looks like a great afghan book. I love that cover afghan, I actually can imagine myself making that. It looks like several rectangular shapes were completed and sew together. Perfect for that log cabin, but I'm sure it would work in my traditional brown livingroom as well.

I also like that ring of fire afghan. I used to own a favorite velour sweater in that exact shade of wine red used. It used to drop tiny red balls of fuzz behind me when I wore it, but I still loved it. I had to get rid of it when so much fuzz had fallen out you could see the shadow of my undergarments through it.

Martie said...

Thanks so much for the bit of a book review! I may have to make a purchase soon. :) I've made several star baby ripples using all sorts of colors and width of stripes but that one using wider brighter colors is really cute. I picture a little boy with a little train sitting there playing. The octagon blankets are what have my attention right now. :)

Susan said...

Just blogging around and found your blog. I have crocheted a great deal in my life, for some reason I just kind of lost interest. But looking at others is still amazing. You have alot of talent going there. Good luck with your boys, my niece's son has severe autism and I -know that is a rough ride with so many challenges.
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