Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Well, to me, there is now no getting around it. You just can't call October summer, no matter how you cut it. We are definitely in fall, even if the weather were blazing hot, which, sadly, it is not. Not even here in Texas. Not that it's cold, and the nip in the air in the mornings can't really be called a nip, more of a gentle nibble, really, but it's there, anyway. I have said that I could really enjoy fall if I just didn't know what was coming after, but fall is beautiful. The leaves are turning, less so here than some places, but they're turning just the same. The picture above is from when I was living in Nashville. I do love the colors of fall, the reds, golds and browns. They're beautiful. Do y'all drive around looking for the pretty colors? I used to. I wonder if it is colorful here in the Texas Hill Country. I'll have to go exploring and find out.

Anyway, Happy Fall, Y'all! Have a wonderful day!


Clara said...

The leaves changed here very rapidly this year. It is very warm though today (82F or so) which is incredible for this time of year. It's to get cooler tomorrow. I think people aren't driving as much nowadays to look at the leaves due to the gas prices! I do look at them though while driving wherever I am off to.

~Niki~ said...

love that pic!

Jane said...

I love the Fall. Love the colors, the coolness in the air, the walking out bundled up to the first snap of cold and a glazing of frost on the ground. Now that's about as cold as I want it to get, but it's really exciting to see nature changing, stepping out and being aware of the movement of the earth on its voyage thru the skies.

Here is So Cal we do have seasons, but they're so mild as to be anemic. Contrary to the image of endless sun, our summers, in particular this one, often start out rather gloomy and gray. Fall is a gradual die-down of landscaping, the trees don't turn colors exactly, they just get really drab and dry. I am so looking forward to moving to an area where you actually see nature change.