Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Table

I've been working on my Fall table. I think it's very pretty at this point. Look how those little crocheted pumpkins liven it up. I think they add a lot to it. The only thing this table needs, in my opinion, is something in the candle holder, like some beans or stones or something. I was thinking maybe some coffee beans, that way it's an aroma as well as a visual thing.

I don't like to totally set the table when it's not in use. I have kids, and they would, I think, mess it up. I like the glasses sitting there, that way you can just pour whatever you're drinking in a glass and it's handy. I also like the plates, you can set a bowl on top of the plates and just eat, or you can put something on the plate and eat. I think that the boys would mess with napkins and silverware, if they were there, and it weren't mealtime. I remember a game they used to play with napkins and silverware, based on a show called 'Fork and Spoon' or something like that. As it is, my silverware disappears constantly anyway. I need new, just because I'm really low. Isn't that awful?

But my table's not awful, it's pretty. I like it.

Y'all have a great day.


Designing Lady Jane said...

What a gorgeous table setting. And a new table? It seems similar to your older one, but I thought you had gotten rid of the chairs?

The setting is very nice. I do like the pumpkins in it, and the candle in the hurricane is nice. I've seen a lot of people use acorns this year for a filler, but I like the coffee bean idea as well.

Love Letters From a Poet said...

heyyyy homeslice..whats crackin lackin??
welll i love your idea on thee coffee beans...
it'll look like black stones while smelling thee room nicer..(:
yooh shud do a project with thee kids
btw why does your silvare disappear?? do yooh eat them?? jkjk(:

love ya..<3

-miss fabolous.

crazymotheringchick said...

No, Jane, this is my old table. Dan decided in the end to let me have it back. And although those mis-matched chairs were eventually torn up, I did actually invest in four new chairs, which actually match my table, so that's nice, too. It really adds a lot to my little dining area.

clare's craftroom said...

Love your table , it looks great !