Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Things To Do In Austin

So I was watching the news today, and heard about this blog, called '365 Things To Do In Austin, TX'. Hmmmm.... sounds good to me. Being I'm new here and all, and being I still haven't really explored the town (I haven't even seen the bats yet.) and being I'm fixing to get me a car I will be able to run around more in. Once I get that car, I look forward to finding out what kind of fun things there are to do here, and I'm thinking this blog can be a big help. After all, how else am I gonna find out what's out there?
You gotta admire someone who can blog every day, I mean, really, every day. Heck, I'm good to do ten, fifteen blogs a month. Would love to do more like twenty, but I haven't made it yet, I don't think. Twenty is my goal every month, but life happens and I don't. Ah well.

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Designing Lady Jane said...

Hah! I'm still struggling to do one blog a week. I do admire those who do it daily, but it's not on my timeline. Looks like a great blog, I'll have to check it out.