Friday, September 30, 2011

I love me some Ellen Gormley!

Red Heart is one of my favorite websites. I love to go there and browse the patterns. They add new ones all the time, and even though I will never make all the things I have saved, I keep saving more! LOL

Today, among other things, I found this cool Ellen Gormley design, called the Slouchy Beret. Cute, isn't it. Looks soft and very touchable. I love me some Ellen Gormley. Her designs are just great, so textural, and I don't know, we just must have the same taste, because I love just about everything she designs. Among other running WIP's I have going is her Sunny Spread, which I'm making in a beautiful gold yarn. Another of her designs I want to make is the Brocade Throw. Man, that thing is gorgeous! Frankly, I like to just do a search of her designs, because she adds things on that site a lot. She also has a wonderful book out that I want, called Go Crochet Afghan Design Workbook that I want so badly! I should just order it online, but I've been hunting for it in the bookstores and craftstores, and I soon as I order it, there it will be on a shelf, and I'll have to wait.... you know how that goes. I'll probably order it anyway...... Eventually. Ha!

One thing I am discovering lately, as well, is that Red Heart has some wonderful yarns. I do like their SS for a lot of projects, though it's not one I like for snuggling up into a soft afghan. I do like it for its durability, washability, color choices, and ability to hold a shape. I like anything molded with SS, and if I'm making a blanket I'm going to take outside, yep, it's Red Heart SS. But go to Michael's or JoAnn's, and they have Red Heart Soft, and Red Heart Shimmer, Red Heart Super Tweed (I've got a couple of skeins of red that I know will make a gorgeous pillow), and all different kinds of Red Heart yarns that I just love to run my hands over. So much more than I ever thought of when I thought of Red Heart in the past. I have several skeins of different Red Heart yarn that I am just looking for the perfect project for, notably some Red Heart Soft in 'Embers' that is just gorgeous, and feels soooooooo goooooood in my hands. I want to find just the right pattern for it, because I want to make an afghan that I will reach for every day with it.

Okay, my little love fest is over, hope y'all don't mind. I'd better run, today my plan is to go to the Southern Living idea house here locally. Y'all wanna see pictures of that?

Have a wonderful day.


Leslie said...

Red Heart has a new line of premium acrylic called Love Yarn. You might find that it has both the washability and snuggability you are looking for.

I personally adore the colors they have come up with for this line.

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, I'll have to check that out.