Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Such talent!

I 'met' one of my favorite on-line friends on a message board for the Wiggles, a children's group, a few years back. Little did I know then, she's a fabulous crochet artist, and further, she designs many of her creations. I admire her so. Her name is Alison, and here are some of her creations. She has a website here, if you care to check out more of her work.

These are so cute. I must say, I want to make a bunch of these for myself, for my Christmas tree, and maybe to tuck into the odd present here and there, or use to enhance a wrapped gift. Cool, yes. I love these.

Her Nativities are so awesome. I personally think they are better than the one that was in Crochet World last year. I have ordered one from her, and I can't wait to get it.

She was generous enough to share this pattern with me. I have yet to make the little monkies, but I do plan to. My cousin wanted a set. I don't do much amigurumi, or really much little work at all. Though it would seem to be great for instant gratification, I do prefer bigger projects for the most part.

Now how gorgeous are these! I love them so much!

These are cute, too. Ali asked me to mention that they were made from a pattern by Lucy Ravenscar. Too cute!

How beautiful are Prince William and Kate! I saw all the 'knit your own royal wedding stuff', but never saw any crocheted stuff except Ali's. I love these!

More wedding couples, which are adorable.

Gotta have the dog in the wedding, right? Bow Wow!

See why I admire her so? These are all so cute, aren't they?


Pammy Sue said...

Oh Wow! Those are all so cute. It does take talent and attention to detail to crochet that kind of thing. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

They're adorable! I can do amigurumi but get tired of it quickly and have to do something else. Like those book marks I just finished? I was so glad to be done with them!

Mindy said...

So cute!! They make me giggle. ;-)

Alison said...

Aw thank you Julie! You are too kind :-) xx

Designing Lady Jane said...

The Hogwarts gang just seem like they'd be so fun to work on.