Monday, August 8, 2011

What do you see?

So the other day I was out shopping with my niece, and we were in this dress shop, and I saw this picture. I thought this picture was so cool, some dude playing the piano. Then I realized it so did not go with the pictures on either side of it. They were travel pictures. So I asked my niece, 'What do you see in that picture?' She named some foreign location. So did the clerks at the store. Nobody saw the piano, or the guy playing it. There followed quite a conversation, with everyone trying to see the dude playing the piano. They could see the keys, but that was it. Other customers got involved, and it became very interesting. One guy walked up and said 'Yeah, I see it, too.' It went on for quite a while. Some eventually saw what I saw, some never did. I never could not see the guy at the piano. I couldn't see the travel picture. What do you see? Do you see the guy playing the piano?

I don't know if it will even help, but I've kinda outlined him below......


Mindy said...

Interesting picture! What great fun at the store, too--getting all the customers involved. =)

I first saw steps, but I can see where you saw the piano. The glare makes it a little harder.

Anonymous said...

I see the guy playing the piano only too... interesting. :P What's the place supposed to be?