Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drooling over Pillows

I have lately been admiring beautiful crocheted cable pillows. I saw a gorgeous gold one on a blog somewhere, can't find it now, wouldn't you know.... anyway, I ordered two books from Leisure Arts that had the most beautiful pillow patterns, and they arrived Monday. Ooooohhhhh, just look. This first one is so gorgeous, the pillows are all done in a cream to show off the stitching, and isn't it to die for? It's here, in case you wanna go get a copy. It's only like eight bucks, so for seven gorgeous patterns, at just a little over a dollar apiece, I think that's a good deal. Add a few dollars' worth of yarn, the biggest investment is time, and that's time well enjoyed. Sweet.

You see there are several patterns, seven in fact. Each one lovelier than the last.

This is called snowflakes, or something like that. Beautiful, yes?

I think this one is my favorite, and the one I will make first.

Classic Basketweave. So pretty.

Of course, while I'm looking at the book above, there's a 'you might also like' link at the bottom of the page to this book. Yep, I might also like. Ha ha. Of course I had to order it. Pretty, aren't they? I'll admit, nowhere near as nice as the ones in the Aran book, but I'm drooling over them, too, and at six bucks for eleven patterns, I just couldn't pass it up, now could I? The link to this book is here.

This is the back of that book. Each pillow is numbered, so you can match the picture with the instructions.
I can see just about every one of these pillows in my home, done up in pretty warm colors, scattered around my living room or bedroom. Oooooohhhhh, my fingers are gonna be busy.


Heather said...

Beautiful pillows. I have the other pillow book, but will need to add the Aran one to my wish list on Amazon. Thank you for sharing it. :-)

Julie said...

I love all those pillows, I'm going to have to look up those pattern books. Thanks!

Mindy said...

Nice! They're all so classy!

Designing Lady Jane said...

Thos are lovely pillows, you can just imagine them lined up on a four-poster bed, one with an open weave crocheted canopy, can't you.