Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Motifs

I have been inspired by some of the sweet garlands I have been seeing on various blogs, and looked around my house, and I thought "Yeah, a garland would look nice there. And there. And maybe even over there." Ha! And I buy so many crochet books, particularly books with various motifs in them. My favorite is Beyond the Square by Edie Eckman, of course, doesn't everyone love that book? And there are 144 different motifs to try in there as well. So now and then, I pick up a hook and make a motif or two. I tend to make big projects, that take a long time to complete, so a motif here and there lets me say 'Oh, look what I made.' LOL

Oh, look what I made! The little one above is cute, I haven't finished off the ends. I'm still debating it... kinda simple, huh?

I am really liking this pretty little heart, though. I'm thinking I'll make several of these, they'd be cute in a little garland. You could do the garland with all hearts, all one color, or several, or you could mix other motifs in there as well. I'm thinking I'm gonna do several different-colored hearts and alternate them with several of another motif. You know, when I pick the motif I'm gonna use. It's nice just playing for now.

This one is cute, too. This is not from Beyond the Square. In fact, I think it's from the Christmas book that Crochet or Crochet World magazine put out this past year. I'm thinking these would be cute hung on the tree.
I'm still working on that granny stripe blanket. I finally got the ends woven in. That was a chore. And a lesson. Never again will I just leave that many ends hanging. Yeesh. I'm working on the edge now. I'll post pictures of that in a day or two.
I also got a pillow cover or two done, and I need to put pillows in them. I'll post them soon as well. I'm working on a pretty scarf, but man. That thing is done in a predominantly black yarn, and if I work with black for too long, it gives me a headache. I worked on that think for a day or two straight, then the headache didn't leave for like three days. Yikes. So I'll take that in small spurts. It should be done soon, though, not much more to go. I've got a lot of posting to do in the next few days. That's good, because I haven't posted much lately at all........... yikes.

Anyway, y'all have a great day. Happy hooking.


Anonymous said...

How pretty -- I love both the heart and the star.

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

I love all of my crochet books! And I do the same thing you do. Sometimes I just need little motifs to do and finish and I feel great. Then I don't know what to do with them! I guess I should put them all together in a free form thingy, maybe a scarf? :o) xoxo

Mindy said...

Ick--sorry about that headache! Have you tried using an Ott Light or some other really bright light? I wonder if it would help?

These are really cute!

Caroline said...

Very pretty!

Tink's Spin said...

I need to share this with my grand daughter , she loves hearts :)