Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Interweave Crochet, Summer, 2011

Oh, my gosh, I got my first little peak at Interweave Crochet Summer issue today, and does it look yummy! I tell you, IC is about my favorite crocheting magazine! I am constantly checking the racks at Barnes and Noble to see if there is a new issue out. This one hits newsstands June 14, according to their website. I can't wait! Seriously. Look at all these yummy things from the preview. And there are more, I've just chosen my favorites. The Trillium Tunic by Natasha Robarge. Look at those gorgeous medallions. Love it. I might would just make it longer and wear it as a dress, would that not be fun!

Swift Eddy Tablecloth by Elisa Cleveland. I've been looking for a nice round tablecloth pattern, and I think this is just the ticket!

Swannanoa Skirt by Natasha Robarge - Oh, look, she has two designs! I'm thinking this would be so fun for the fall. I would so wear this, even if those horizontal stripes bring out my hips. Big deal. The skirt is gorgeous.

Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful, no? The River Walk Wrap by Sharon Falkner. I have a brand new summer sleeveless dress that this would look beautiful over. You know, to cover my wide arms. I am so making this.

Pine Cone Top by Annastasia Cruz. Wonderful. I love it.

Robin Chachula is probably my absolute favorite crochet designer. This is her Grove Park Tank. I love it. Besides the whole design being great, I'm thinking I could just make the yoke, and use it to dress up an everyday tee, whatcha think?

I love this! I love the idea of crocheted things around my house, you know, besides pillows and blankets. This is on my list of to-do's. It's the Fiddlehead Basket by Brenda K.B. Anderson. It's on the list, too.

Do you love this? I do. It's the Comfort Shawl by Marcy Smith. Love the colors. Yep, comforting.

Oh, oh, oh! Botanical Pullover by Kristin Ohmdahl. Isn't she awesome! So are her designs.

Banjo Bag by Sharon Ballsmith. Surely it will be on everybody's to-make list.

Another bowl, and I love it, too. Azalea Bowls by Linda Permann. Both of them, I guess. I'm love them.

See why I love Interweave Crochet so much? And there are other gorgeous things in there as well, but I ran out of room. I'm counting the days 'til I can get this. I've tried subscribing, but for some crazy reason, it never takes my credit card, and there's money there. Makes me nuts, but what can you do. Take my card, IC, I don't want to miss an issue!

Y'all have a wonderful day!

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Mindy said...

Some amazing patterns!