Friday, September 16, 2011

Just biding my time.....

I hate that time of the month right before the new issues of the magazines come out, when I'm just waiting to see what's new. Ha! Don't get me wrong, I have waaaaayyyyy too many things I am currently working on, but you know, I love me some magazines, and can't wait to get them. This is the cover of the new Crochet Today, didja guess? Ha ha. There's a cute little issue out, a special issue, that has a gingerbread house on the cover, too. I saw it, and didn't buy it. I'll probably regret that, because I'm now on a scavenger hunt for the fall issue of Crochet! I'm thinking I'd better subscribe, maybe it's not too late for them to send it to me if I subscribe right on payday, using my debit card.............. yeesh. When will I learn not to put things back on the shelf? They're not always there when you go back for them!

Y'all have a great day.

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