Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Christmas Afghan

Well, I have started work on this year's Christmas afghan. (Work......... hmmmmm, funny I call it work, when it's fun.... but I digress.) This is being made in ILTY in Cranberry, Dark Olive, and Linen. I love the color combination, kinda country and rustic. And warm. These colors really make me think Christmas this year. I also think this round ripple is a great Christmas afghan, you know, star-like. Kinda apt. Every year, when it comes Christmas time, or time to start with the Christmas afghan, I know what I want to make. Usually have the idea way ahead of time, in fact.

It's funny, isn't it, how our tastes differ from year to year. I wish I had my Christmas afghans from previous years. One year I made one out of Red Heart, in Cranberry, a gold, and a color called eggnog. Ater that year, I think Red Heart quit making that color called eggnog, and that is a shame, because I loved that color. It was a warm cream, not a cool cream.

Next I need to figure what I'm gonna make for Christmas presents. You know, in case I actually send them out this year............. yeesh.


Pammy Sue said...

Very pretty! I might have to make, as soon as I finish all the other things I want to make. :O

No time for everything I want to make!

Alison Almond said...

That is stunning! I adore it! Alison xx

Designing Lady Jane said...

That is a nice looking afghan, and you have a good start on it already. I agree, the colors look very country and warm.

Where are your previous Christmas afghans? In storage?

Mindy said...

It's beautiful!

Wendy said...

I love this afghan! And those colors...probably because I love Christmas so much. Thanks for sharing the deets. I think I'm going to have to get some of those colors!

amanda said...

please i have been searching to buy this exact pattern everywhere..can you tell me where to find it/name of pattern ...please help me!