Monday, September 19, 2011

Thirty minutes a day......

So I totally got written up at work, and they gave it to me this morning. (When I was staying late to help someone out... how's that for a 'thank you'! LMHO You gotta appreciate the irony there.) I don't care, they always rush to assure me they love me and my job is not in danger, and Julie, we had to write everybody up for this one, they said this morning.

See, we nurses on the night shift were all under the impression that we could not leave the building, so we were not clocking out for a lunch break. If you can't leave the building, if you have be accessible at all times, I say you gotta pay me for it. Ha. Anyway, we were mistaken. Sure, you can leave the building, they say. Go at a quiet time, and have the nurse from the other floor cover any emergencies that might occur. Yeah, you know, that actually makes sense. Whatever.

Anyway, the way I see it, I have thirty minutes a day in the middle of my shift to devote to my craft. Ha, like how I say that? My craft. All hoity toity and everything. LMHO But seriously, I am going to take that thirty minutes every day and work on my crochet. (Because, you know, who really needs to eat?) I'm gonna pack me a little bag with one of my smaller projects (I don't think I need to haul an afghan in there....) and work on it for thirty minutes. Let's see if this helps my productivity. Because, like I say, you can actually do a lot more crochet than you think in a half hour.

Y'all have a wonderful day!


Designing Lady Jane said...

I think that will be a good thing. Just a little destressor, work on one of those washcloths you like to do, try a new stitch. I like using my lunch time to read up on gossip magazines.... guilty pleasure, I know. ;)

Sorry you got the official paperwork, I have found that usually employers are just fine with employees bending those rules until they get slapped on the wrists themselves.

DaCraftyLady said...

I used to feel that way when I was in insurance and had to be available all the time because of legal stuff...then I took my 45 min and read and crocheted and wow what a difference it made, it was like I was rejuvinated and had some more "jazz" to take on the world again. I think we tend to be so devoted that we just feel we need to be there, the truth is we don't someone else will do the job take your 30 minutes and enjoy and think of all the crafting you'll get done, oh yeah be sure to eat too... :)