Friday, September 9, 2011

Look what came in the mail today!

Did y'all follow the blog tour for Heady Affairs? They gave away several copies of this, and bless God, I was the excited winner of the one Ellen Gormley gave away. That was exciting right there, because I love me some Ellen Gormley!

Look at all those cute hats! Want a closer look?

Well, looka there, Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby is a guy! Who knew? Not I, said the fly. Rob, did you know this?

This is called Cables. Very nice.

I'm sure David will be needing one of these, it just looks too fun, doesn't it? It's called Origami.

I'm sure each of my boys will need one of these, in different colors, of course, to differentiate. Just for warmth. It's a classic hat, called Boyfriend.

On a personal note, the only problem I have with this book is this boy. He's just too flippin' pretty. Young man, if you're one of my readers, sorry. LOL (Like he's one of my readers.......... not!) Maybe if he grew some stubble or something, I don't know.....

At first look, this hat seemed silly, but the more I look at it, the more I like it, and yes, I think David needs one........ imagine the fun he could have with that! Ha ha! Chinese Acrobat is what they're calling it.

Again, very cute. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, David needs one. Y'all laugh, but David loves hats, and David loves what I crochet for him. And yes, he does love crocheted hats. This one is called Side-by-Side.

Is this one classy or what! It's called Aviator/Steampunk. I think I like Steampunk better, but Aviator sounds nicer, I guess.......... David........... well, you get the idea. LOL


Right, now I think I'm ready to get started on one or all of these. Right after I finish David's pumpkin bucket. LOL


naida said...

that looks like fun, I love those funky hats!

Mindy said...

Great patterns! Congratulations on winning it!