Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby, it's hot outside!

Man, talk about a scorcher. The boys and I went out to the grocery store today, the cupboards were seriously bare. Gracie doesn't have air conditioning, well, you know, she does, but it quit working before I ever got her. It was hot, seriously hot outside. I told Tim, who was sitting in the front seat beside me, I believe it's as hot as it's been yet. He agreed. I said, 'you know, I think it's even hotter than that other day, a few weeks back, when I thought it was as hot as I had ever known it to be.' Tim said yeah, he didn't think he'd known it to be this hot before either.
We got home and unloaded our groceries, and put the TV on. Our cable defaults to local news, and I noticed on the weather, it was, .......what, are you kidding me!? 105! degrees out today. 105! Well, not to worry, folks, we have cooled down at this point to only 104..... well, what a relief! Ah ha! Boy it's hot out there! And what's more, the lovely weather lady said it will climb throughout the week. Yeesh, I'm a'gonna wither! LOL

Weather like this makes me miss Nashville. Truth be told, lots of things make me miss Nashville these days. Ha. But I love this park in these pictures. All of the rivers that run through Tennessee are channelled into these fountains somehow, who knows how, not me. It is fun, fun, fun to go to this park and play in the fountains. I don't care how old you are, it's a wonderful time. And great pictures, you always get great pictures there. Oh, the fun we have had there. We like to pack a little picnic. That's the capital building in the background, you gotta love the view.
Inviting, isn't it. Makes you wanna jump right in. Or run right through, whatever.

And if you get thirsty, hey, no problem. Just grab a sip.

Seriously, doesn't that look fun! It really is. All ages, all sizes, you see them all there. In dresses, swimsuits, anything. And eventually, everybody gets wet. All the parents think they'll sit on the sidelines, but they all get wet.
I stole that first picture from the net. Man, I wish I was artistic. If I could draw or something, I would have made a nice picture of a thermometer, with the mercury blowing out the top of it and spraying everywhere, would that not have been fun? But I can't.
To celebrate this weather, I started my little family of crocheted snowmen that I'm gonna put out at Christmastime. I'm gonna post a picture of the beginning of that for WIP Wednesday.

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DesigningLadyJane said...

Those are great photos, Julie. I was looking at the first one and wondering if it was a mural in the background. That is just amazing! Hope you're staying as cool as possible, you're gonna have to start doing your grocery shopping at 6 in the morning so you don't fry on the way there.