Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday..... and a visit from my baby..........

My little sugar of an oldest son will be here to visit me tonight. I'm excited. I'm to help him shop for school clothes. Sounds like fun. We'll hit the big outlet mall, I think. Hopefully the kid'll look good as well as be comfortable. He has high-functioning autism, so comfort is paramount here. He flat will not wear something that is 'too hard'. Over the years, I've gotten to know what is 'too hard', but it's not a concept I've ever applied to clothes before. I'm looking forward to seeing him. Even got a present waiting for him, one of his favorite manga books that I found used at Hastings.
I've got to get my two signed up for school, but there's always something. Immunizations, oh, I hate them. Don't get me started. I look at that list and shudder. Is everybody else really putting all that crap into their child's bodies voluntarily. It's crazy. I won't go there. I sign that form that says I don't do immunizations for reason of conscience. In fact, I do some, the important ones, but I pick and choose. But unless you do every one of them, as the school specifies, you have to sign the form. It's just easier. I hope that form gets here in time.... or the school can go on last year's records in the meantime. They might.
Yeesh, then it's all that money. Clothes, backpacks, everything else. Tim is in high school, that list is expensive! Graphing calculators, flash drives, it's nuts.
I have encouraged Tim to join at least two organizations this year. His choice, but he has to join two. I believe the reason he was bullied so much last year is that he just wasn't a joiner. Of course, that school he was in was nasty, and the schools in this city are just so much better. Everybody tells me how much we're gonna love it here. I hope so.
Y'all have a great weekend. I plan to.

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DesigningLadyJane said...

I'm glad you're getting your full brood back together. I'm sure you'll have fun shopping with him. I feel for you with the costs, high school supplies are sooo expensive. You can try to prepare by shopping sales and buying notebooks and markers on special, but then they come back from class with lists of special notebooks and special binders which are not only expensive but hard to find. Not to mention the fancier calculators, or if they get into sports. I think we paid around $80 for Liz's trig calculator in her junior year, and that involved shopping around. Jen's tennis this year is hitting us up $150 for her uniform alone, we've already sent them about $50 for various reasons, hope this is the last.

Of course, there's that college coming up in a couple years. I could go on about the funds involved there, but I don't want to give you nightmares.

Loads of love to you and all the boys, I'm sure it will all work out, they'll get everything they need, and do great in school.