Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Granny Stripes!

I'm linking up with Marie Anne over at Every Day Crochet for Work In Progress Wednesday. Y'all come join the fun!

My current WIP, or one of them, is Lucy's Granny Stripe Afghan. I just started it, I think, last weekend or so. This is a picture of the first repeat of colors. These colors will be repeated until the afghan is the size I want it to be. I think Lucy over at Attic 24 said she made 60 rows, right? I think by 60 rows, she actually meant 60 rows of color, each color being two rows, so actually 120 rows. Being I have 14 colors going, I think that's about eight repeats? We'll see. Of course, I never know when I start an afghan how big it will be when it's finished. I do love the colors here, although they are not as bright as I would like them to be. I stand there at Hobby Lobby choosing colors, and I think they look like the picture, but it's not right. This is the second time that has happened. Ah well. The afghan will still be pretty, even if it's not what I pictured.
I'm also still working on Ellen Gormley's Sunny Spread. It's made of blocks, so I think it may take longer than most afghans I make. But it is coming along nicely. It calls for 64 blocks, and I have 16 or so made already. When I work on it, it doesn't take long, just an hour or so for a block, if that. I may stop and put a set of blocks together, see how that's looking. I also don't know if those 64 blocks are really going to make a big enough afghan for me. I like my afghans big, and this one is 52 inches square when it's done. I may make more than 64 blocks.
Of course, the little snowmen are coming along as well. I have til Christmas to finish them, or at least until it's time to decorate.
I'll post pictures of everythign as I finish them.
And a great good day to you all!


Marie Anne said...

Love the granny stripes! I don't know why I've ever done one, but I need to get on the ball.

Thanks for playing along on WIP Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Really pretty colors.

Melissa said...

Love your granny stripes. :) I am working on one of those also. It is a lot of fun. Although with mine I am using up my single skeins of yarn.

Marsha S said...

It's going to be nice!

glor said...

Wow, this is beautiful. I love, love, love the colors and how they go together. Really great work!