Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Furniture, Yay!

Well, I've got me a place to sit. It was so pitiful, I had no furniture in my living room. So I checked out craigslist, and found a little loveseat and chair. It looks nice, too. It's a little worn, but not bad, and the price was right. LOL It was free. I also got a very nice bed off craigslist, a queen-sized bed. A lovely single lady was moving in with her man, and getting rid of excess furniture from the combined households, so I lucked out. I've still got a few more things to get, but this is a good start. I think this stuff leans to a different type of decorating than I've done in the past, I usually like heavier, warmer, browner and golder pieces, but this will make for a more feminine look. I'm gonna run with it. I actually think, the more I live with this stuff, that I will like going in this direction. It'll be fun.
I've got a job interview Monday. For Walmart. It's not nursing, but you know, it'll pay the bills, and that's what matters. I can look for a nursing job while I work here. Man, I don't know why it's so hard to find a nursing job, that is just so unusual, really...... but whatever. I can deal. At least Walmart has insurance, so that'll be good.
I'm also trying to make things for craft fairs. (of course, this is while I am also making things for myself....... ah ha!) I am trying to figure out what exactly I should make. Do scarves sell well? Hats? I'm thinking sweaters and cardigans, things like that, maybe not so much, what do y'all think. Do afghans and blankets sell? I love the cool shapes in afghans, the round afghans, the stars, the hexagons. Would some of those sell? Should I make some baby things. I have several purses made up, probably 8 or 10, but should I make more, or concentrate on other things...... toys, do they sell? Like amigurumi? I thought about crocheted balls as well, because my David likes them so much........... do y'all know what sells well in craft fairs? This is a new venture for me, any input would be appreciated.
*Y'all have a great day!


DesigningLadyJane said...

Julie, that furniture looks great. And it really can go lots of directions, both cottagey and traditional.

Good luck on the interview, I know you need something asap. And about the craft fair, I would think you'd like a variety of items, to both pull in people, and get an idea of what people go to first, linger over, oh, and buy, natch! Yes, make up some cute crocheted toys, put them in a basket at the front, moms with little ones might be your biggest customers.

Paula C. said...

There are lots of free patterns available for the small crochet toys, or "amigurumi". I think those might sell well. Another thing to keep in mind is your location and what might be popular in your area. If you have a chance to attend one or two fairs before yours happens, have a look around and talk to other vendors and see what they say. Although, you may want to keep it to yourself that you are planning to sell stuff. It can be a very competitive market and people may be less likely to share info with you.