Friday, August 6, 2010

This is gorgeous!

Isn't it? Has anybody ever made it? I'm wondering if I could do that. Surely, I'm thinking maybe it's done in a circular manner, maybe tapestry style? I think I could do it, I really do.
Now first, I'd have to change the colors. Blue and purple, well, they're gorgeous, of course, but I'm more a reds, golds, some oranges, maybe some green, kinda girl. I could probably figure that out, though, and I think this afghan would look very nice in those colors.
Oh, and by the way, what is a window afghan? Are you seriously supposed to hang it in a window? How?
Anyway, it's gorgeous. I'm thinking seriously about ordering this pattern. As you can see, it's from Annie's Attic. I can spend hours over there..........
On a different note, I've had a nice day. The boys and I walked - yes, walked! In 100 degree heat! Ha! .... to Walmart. The van is still in the shop til I can afford to get her out, which will be Tuesday. So we walked. The heat wasn't too too bad, it's not so humid right now, so you don't feel the heat as much until you walk into the cool store, and you see how red your face is. Ha ha! Anyway, we shopped, got some groceries, of course I got some yarn, you know I had to..... we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A, saw Ben, the youth leader at the church I will go to as soon as Gracie is up and running... he's such a sweetie, always so nice when we see him.... then we took a cab home. Now we're relaxing...... so nice.
Y'all have a wonderful day, and a better weekend!


Love Letters From a Poet said...

Heyyyy(: its yooh niece jennie{{like duhh}} aka are yooh? i think yooh can do that piece, ive seen yooh artwork and yooh are amaazzinnnggg*singing voice* yoohll have to take a pix and show it to us..O:
awwww 100 degree weather? i am jealous..i love the heat. like wen we were in las vegas in 110 degree. i mean it was kindaaaa making everyone stress out. but it was nice to feel the heat on you backXD

DesigningLadyJane said...

Girl, I love that afghan. Love the original colors. Not that I don't care for warm colors, but those know me and purple.

Love Letters From a Poet said...

since when did you like the color purple mom?

Pammy Sue said...

Yes, that is a gorgeous pattern. I've admired it but don't have the guts to try it.

You said you were starting an afghan in ILTY gold. Which one is it? The circles one?

crazymotheringchick said...

Yes, the circles one. I think it's called Sunny Spread.

Caren Andayani said...

i love it. i like that colour. and i want to try it