Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've got a thing going in my head where I want to make crocheted necklaces, and scarves. Small, light, perhaps based on a motive, scarves that can dress up a simple T-shirt and jeans. Something you just throw on, you know? So I've been looking all over for patterns and/or ideas. This is one I made with number 3 cotton and a pretty dangle thing I found at Walmart. I got some beads, but turns out the beads are too small to crochet in. Maybe I'll sew them on, have to think about it. It's a start, I guess, but I'm still thinking. I'm sure I'll wear this, though. Right now the lampshade is wearing it, for the picture, you know. Ha.

And I finished the white tree skirt. In general, I like it. I didn't care for the chain 2, single crochet into the edge, so I didn't finish it. As far as I'm concerned, it's done. Well, I still have to weave in the ends, but that'll just take a minute when I get to it. I thought about maybe putting an edge of single crochet, or maybe some picots on it, then didn't. I figure the way it's draped onto a tree, it really doesn't need the edge anyway. The skirt ruffles up prettily, I think. That's when it's laid flat. When you pull the inside edge up, kinda like it will be when it's around the tree, it lays flat. I do like it a lot. I think, however, that when I make my red one (I have decided to use Red Sparkle ILTY, with some shiny beads on the edge.) I am going to make it bigger, maybe add a few more rows of the inside area, and maybe even another repeat of the overall pattern. I like my Christmas tree big, and the area around it big, and I also like to play with the skirt, make it bunch up in places.

I'm still working on a few things, like I said, several projects at once. That nice post-stitch pillow from the current issue of Crochet World, I'm making it in pinks. My big decision right now is whether to make a matching back, or sew it to a pillow, which I really don't like to do, or just make a simpler back. That's probably what I'll do. I like to make my pillows really more of a pillow cover, so I can wash them and slip the pillow in and out of them. Works for me with my boys who spill stuff all the time. Ah, heck, who am I kidding, I spill stuff, too. LOL
I'm also still working on my sister's pillow, trying to figure out how to add the edge without ruining the flow of the body. Yesterday it hit me, maybe I'll try making the edge with an H hook, the body is made with a G hook, so maybe a bigger hook will make the edge not pull on the body. If not, you know, you pull it out and try something else. I love that about crochet. So easy to fix things. I'm also working a very pretty, but sort of tedious purse for myself, in a pretty gray. I've wanted a gray purse for a while. This one is looking good as it goes, hope it turns out nice.
Then there are the other WIP's that I plan to share tomorrow for WIP Wednesday.
Y'all have a great day. I'm hoping for a call from a job prospect, we'll see. Meantime, I fill out more applications..................


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having fun. Can't wait to see all the fun things that you have been working on.

DesigningLadyJane said...

I just now saw this post, guess I just can't keep up with you, Jules. Love that necklace, and the tree skirt looks very professional. Nice job.