Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trying to win more stuff..... LOL

See this book? I love this book. I want it. Bad. There are some seriously fabulous things in this book. To that end, I'm following a blog tour about this book. The details about that tour is on The Crochet Dude's blog. (http://blog.thecrochetdude.com/ or http://blog.thecrochetdude.com/)
I'm kinda aggravated, though, because today's blog stop apparently forgot to include the code word. It's a nice blog, nice write-up, but there's no word, and when I clicked on her links, I got Malware warnings.......... maybe that's me, though, my computer skills are a little lacking sometimes..............
Anyway, it's worth a shot. LOL


Jane said...

That is a nice looking book, I can see your craving it. I would worry about that malware warning, tho, I like to play better safe than sorry.

crazymotheringchick said...

When I clicked on a link and got the warning, I stopped there.