Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am crocheting-along with Itsy Bitsy Spider, making pumpkins. These are cute, and they are easy to do as well. I really enjoy making them. I have a little Fall grouping in mind, a little crocheted scarecrow with some pumpkins around him. How cute would that be. Hope it turns out like my mind has it pictured. My sister, Jane, recommended making these in a variegated yarn, and I had some of this pretty yarn (Red Heart Marrakesh) that I got on clearance a while back, so I tried it. Turned out cute, didn't it? I like it. No, real pumpkins don't come in these colors, Tim, but guess what. Real pumpkins are not made of yarn LOL I made these with Red Heart yarn, in carrot. I like that carrot yarn, and I have been thinking that the pumpkin yarn is too bright. But, I think I will probably make one pumpkin in 'pumpkin', LOL I think several different colors would be fun.
I've been really busy working lately, not that I've been working a lot of hours, but I've been working every day, and so busy doing all sorts of other things, too. I've just been super busy. David hurt himself Sunday, fell down in Target and twisted a muscle at his knee. It's healing well, he is almost walking now, but he's been home from school. So that's kept me busy...... oh heck, I don't know what else, but I just haven't gotten to this blog as much since I've been working......... heck, haven't crocheted a heck of a lot, though I have a lot of projects lined up in my head, waiting their turn........ LOL.
Anyway, I also have no WIP this week either. I've done some on the Granny Stripes, but not much, so the picture would really be the same as last week. Next week, ok?
Y'all have a wonderful day. I need to go grocery shop. Yay!


Clara said...

Just lovin the pumpkins! Busy is good though and hope David is on the mend soon.

Jane said...

Those pumpkins are very cute, the varigated yarn makes a nice visual interest. I like the idea of the scarecrow with them. Only 6 more weeks to go, right? (or 7, who's counting).

Marie Anne said...

I love these pumpkins. I wish I were brave enough to try them, but I'm all thumbs unless it's back and forth or regular in the round like granny squares.

Marie Anne said...

Be sure to head on over to my blog. A little chickie told me you've got an award waiting there.

Melissa said...

Love your pumpkins. They are so cute :)